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The world today has recognized the color ‘green’ to be the most successful in terms of health, environment and above all business. It is very important to understand the need for the go green awareness and what it can do for our future and that of the generations to come. The icing on the cake is that nowadays people have realized that when you go green, it is possible to earn a livelihood from these eco-friendly activities.

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Safeguarding the environment along with managing your business not only helps you to  balance your budget effectively but you also get the satisfaction of doing it for the noble purpose of protecting the environment and keeping  a green planet.

There are many green business opportunities that have now evolved and people are today engaging themselves in various businesses by going green. The list of business ideas is endless because you can specialize in any of the  numerous niches of this go green industry,  but the commonly seen business opportunities include:

  • Start a home based business: One of the most inexpensive ways for go green business entrepreneur is to start a home business where you can get the opportunity to set an example of how a business can be run without negatively impacting the environment. Here is an example of a green enthusiast going green.

  • You can engage people locally who do not need to use vehicles to get to work
  • Use paper packaging materials that are bio-degradable
  • Use power generated by either solar energy which is more common or wind energy.
  • Apart from these methods of go green, you can get your office to function with nil paperwork and where everything is digital and communication is completely online  –  but I am aware of the real challenges to make this happen. But if you can, go for it.
  • A recycling unit:  Recycling is the need of the hour as far as protecting the environment is concerned and by having a recycling unit, you can go green and help to prevent ecological imbalances.
  • Things you can recycle include paper, aluminum, rubber, and even old plastics
  • There are many supermarkets and grocery stores that help the recycling process, so you can start a business where you can be the point of collection and supply for the materials for recycling. There are obviously other logistics involved and you may need some licenses or permits from your local authorities, but you get the idea.
  • This is one of the go green methods that can also be a highly successful home based business.
  • Manufacturing/ selling of organic products: This is a very good home based business especially with the present awareness of health and the increasing go Green awareness.
  • Today all are genuinely interested in being a part of this “go green” project and would want to buy these organic products which would mean a thriving business for you.
  • Ensure that your office is powered with solar or wind energy and the waste disposal methods are eco-friendly.

So if you are looking for a business opportunity, consider a home based business where you not only get to be a part of the green project and help in the protection of the environment by your go green efforts, but also realize your wish to earn.  Making a difference - Go GreenEngaging in a business that is home based is definitely profitable – even though challenging, and when it is environment friendly the satisfaction is doubled.  Think about these ideas, do your own due diligence and as always pay careful attention to your finances, personal goals and your family’s welfare. We want to go green, we don’t want to see red!

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