Eco-friendly ways of living are becoming more popular and it isn’t any wonder. Not only can you help save the environment you can also save a lot of money by choosing to go green. It isn’t even that hard to make better choices in your life and live in a more sustainable way. Here are four eco-friendly solutions that can help you save money and the environment.

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1. Weekly Menu Planning

If you want to be more sustainable it is really important to pay attention to how you use food. A great way to be more eco-friendly as well as save a lot of money with your food is to prepare a weekly menu on which you can base your weekly shopping on.

This will allow you to budget carefully for making sure you don’t end up spending too much money and will also guarantee you don’t need to keep throwing away food. There are also a lot of great cheap recipes that use seasonal produce to ensure you can buy locally produced foods.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

You should also think about opting for eco-friendly cleaning products. We wash away a lot of harmful chemicals into the nature by using supermarket cleaning products that only make use of harmful chemicals. But there are a lot eco-friendly options available even from commercial brands that will put a lot less strain on our environment.

If you really want to save the environment and save a lot of money as well, you can find a lot of great online recipes for making your own cleaning products. In the long run these can end up saving you hundreds of pounds a year and will also make your clothes feel a lot softer.

3. Low Flow Shower Heads

Tackling your water consumption can really help you save a lot of money. With a low flow shower head you are going to be able to cut down around 50% of your water consumption. This is going to end up saving you hundreds of pounds in a year.

You can shop for fantastic shower heads online and it is worth checking out low flow shower heads. You should also look into installing low flow faucets to all of your taps.

4. Energy Efficient Light

The most obvious solution to cut down costs and save the environment is the use of energy efficient lighting bulbs. These are very cheap to purchase and will last a lot longer than many traditional light bulbs.

Make sure you also use natural light as much as you can and learn other clever ways of saving energy. You can read the guide by She Knows, for example. These simple changes in routine and behaviour will cut down energy use and bring down costs.

The above four solutions will guarantee that you live in a sustainable way while also saving a lot of money. This is a way of living that is available to everyone and will provide you a healthy body and more secure financial situation.

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