How Can You Be Eco-Friendly At Work?

When working at an office job, it is hard to stay green all the time. Think about it, when a person goes to work, they will want to concentrate on other matters at hand. While this is true, if an office worker wants to do his or her part to protect the environment, they can do so with a few simple tips. Here are five ways to stay green at an office job.Stay Green At Your Office Job: Now Is The Time


Without a doubt, it is easy to bring in a bottle of water every day. In the past, many would buy bottled water and throw it into their refrigerators. However, times have changed, and people are now conscious about the negative effects of bottled water. To save money and protect the planet, a smart office worker should bring his or her own refillable bottle to work. When doing so, a staff member can still enjoy clean and fresh water from the tap. One will enjoy saving money too as they will not have to pay money for something that is already free.

Go vegan:

Now, it is not easy to eat a vegan diet. However, the rewards are plenty. Not only will a vegan live a healthier life, but he or she will do wonders for the environment. To make animal products, a company has to use a lot of water and other natural resources. For this reason, a person who wants to do his or her part should consider eating a vegan diet a few days a week. If this is too hard, an office worker should cut out meat occasionally as this is another way to use fewer resources.Get Certified & Stay Green At Your Office Job

Bring a lunch:

It is easy to go to work and look forward to lunch hour when a worker will hop in the car and enjoy eating out at a nice restaurant. While this is true, it is also damaging to the planet. Not only will a person use fuel when driving to and from the restaurant, but they will use other resources. Furthermore, hen going to a fast food establishment, one will use even more materials. On the other hand, when packing a lunch, a person can avoid using too much fuel. At the same time, they will save a lot of money.
Dress comfortably:

When working in an office, it is hard to stay warm or cool. To combat this, a worker should dress as comfortably as the office manager allows. When comfortable and happy, a worker will not have to crank up the air conditioner or heater while at work. This will save plenty of energy.

Reusable coffee mug:

Let’s face it, most people love to drink a warm cup of coffee or two throughout the day. When doing so, many simply grab another disposable cup, chug down the coffee and throw the cup in the garbage. To save resources, an office worker should bring his or her own coffee mug.

With these five simple and easy to follow tips, an office worker can do his or her part to protect the environment. Remember, with a proactive approach, it is possible to make a huge different.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane thinks he should start bringing a lunch to work.

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