The Search For Green Solutions

When It Started

Over 25 years ago, I had the good fortune of working with an excellent team of professionals who designed, manufactured and marketed a line of solar energy products. There were no go green movements, no going green advocates – just a quest for green solutions. Back in those days, these green solutions products were mainly limited to what we called ‘Solar Water Heaters’ , even though there were prototypes being developed for ‘solar air conditioners’.

Go green solutions, 090624-F-203

Go green solutions, 090624-F-203—Lance Cheung (

My appreciation for this form of clean and eco-friendly energy did not stop there. Indeed that was an awakening for me since I began to sense that there was some awesome potential in harnessing and using alternative energy. Again, there was no go green awareness, just a sense that we had access to something big. Furthermore, I was already aware of ‘windmill power’ and even though I was never personally involved in any aspect of it, I saw it at work for several years.

 Walking The Talk

Five (5) or so years later, I had one of these solar water heating units installed in my home, and my family has enjoyed the benefits of this green, clean energy source ever since then.  Even then, there was still no go green push behind these decisions. The desire for green solutions was a quiet one, with its genesis in necessity rather than idealism. The unit still works beautifully and was serviced once when we noticed a leaking joint on the roof.

Now, this unit or system comprises one (1) collector panel – now popularly known as a solar panel – and a 100 gal insulated steel tank.  Over the past 20 years we have used hot water from this unit every day except when on vacation and for about 6 days when the system was being serviced.  I must admit that the solar system came with a backup facility – an immersion heating element – and we have had to use it for about 7-10 days a year, during periods of intense and continuous rains.

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The point is, I have had hands-on exposure at the manufacturing level and satisfaction as an alternative energy consumer, and looking back now, I have a better appreciation for the birthing of the go green initiatives we now see. I am familiar with solar energy in particular and with green living in general. I am part of the go green culture in an ever evolving search for green solutions.

The Talk Deepens – The Walk Gets Longer

My appreciation for alternative energy has grown into a passion for eco-friendly living over the years. Aside from any passion or idealism, it simply made good sense; as a matter of fact, it also made good cents. My family saved a bundle from using the solar water heater rather than gas or electricity, and no doubt the environment benefited as well.

That’s my story – at least, that’s the first part of the story.

Go green solutions, Every small step in going green helps

Go green solutions, Every small step in going green helps—ShashiBellamkonda (

Now We Can Share

Now, we want to share information, ideas, strategies, tips, products and services on Green Living. And, as this part of the story develops, as it unfolds, I hope you will share it with us. Be a part of this new wave, the go green thrust:

  • talk to us
  • tell us what you think
  • tell us what you like
  • tell us what you don’t like
  • tell us if you think ‘Going Green’ is all hype and no savings
  • just talk to us
  • give us your story or article and we will post it
  • share with us your thoughts and ideas for green solutions

For our part, we promise to provide a broad cross section of information and discussion opportunities on green solutions – eco- friendly and go green living.

Welcome on board…

Cleton Henry

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