There is a growing movement in architecture to design and build more eco-friendly buildings. This is more than just a fashion movement to be greener for the sake of popularity. There are some real advantages to designing and building green buildings. Here are five advantages to eco-friendly buildings.

Eco Friendly Buildings

1. Eco-Friendly Building Cost

One of the most convincing reasons why green building should be your main focus these days is the fact that it is much cheaper to build green than deciding not to. Not only are the green and sustainable materials becoming more accessible and cheap the building will pay its own costs back a lot faster than normal buildings.

There have been numerous studies carried out that have shown that even a small initial investment towards green building will give you almost tenfold savings in just a few years.

2. Higher Market Value

If the above alone didn’t convince you already then here is another big advantage that may just change your mind and sway you in favour of green buildings. Perhaps because of the many advantages to be gained from green building, the market is turning more and more towards eco-friendly and sustainable living and you can get a much better retail value with a green building. This is true for both private and public buildings.

So if you are looking to build a home or a commercial building then going green is financially a really good idea too.

3. Healthier People

There are many studies that show that people who live in eco-friendly buildings are much healthier than people who don’t. For instance, there are a lot of indoor pollutants found in non-green buildings that can trigger health conditions such as asthma.

Because eco-friendly buildings are good for the health of the occupants they also tend to increase the life expectancy of the occupants. Thus if you choose to build green and sustainable buildings you will be able to provide some health benefits to the people as well. This is especially important when designing buildings such as hospitals and old people homes.

4. Less Utility Demands

You don’t need to spend so much money on utility bills in a green building either. For instance, if you use energy recycling mechanisms and solar panels, you can end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

You can also save money by using more natural light in the building. There are building materials like ETFE with properties that allow the flow of natural light into the building at a lesser cost and better insulation than glass, for instance.

5. More Productivity

One of the more astonishing advantages of green buildings is the fact that they can improve productivity and focus. Energy Efficiency Markets points out that green building can improve the productivity a lot because of the use of natural light and better air quality.

This is a really important thing to keep in mind in many public buildings such as factories, offices and even schools. By investing in the green credentials of the building it is possible to save a significant amount of money and have more productive and healthier occupants.

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Nicola loves architecture and she is always looking for new eco-friendly developments in the field. When she isn’t reading for industry news she likes to spend time learning more about arts by going to art galleries.

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