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Air purifiers work by trapping particles that flow through them, using a very fine sieve-like filter. The finer the sieve, the smaller the particles are that can be trapped, and the cleaner the air that comes out the other side. Air purifiers are useful for numerous reasons, particularly for those that live in small or built-up areas.

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Here are just a few of the reasons to get an air purifier:

  • Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, the chances are you may be affected by many of the air-borne particles that inhabit your home. Things such as animal dander and dust mites are among the main irritants of allergy-sufferers, and are incredibly common in homes. People with asthma also suffer at the hands of these air-borne allergens, which can be removed quickly and effectively using air purifiers and kept at bay for as long as the purifier is present in the home.


  • Smokers

If you or someone you live with is a smoker that smokes indoors, then the air in your home is likely to be incredibly unhealthy. Breathing in this smoky air can be harmful to your lungs and respiratory system, adding unnecessary danger to your home. Installing air purifiers in your home can help reduce the risk of smoke inhalation and lessen the amount of residual tobacco smoke in your home.

  • Babies

If a new-born baby has recently been welcomed into your home, its health is surely your highest concern. Babies are not born with a naturally strong immune system – this is something that is built up as they age. An air purifier is a great way to protect your baby from potentially harmful allergens found in your home, meaning a happier and healthier baby.

  • Young Children

Children’s immune systems are also quite weak (when compared with those of adults), as they have had less exposure to germs and toxins, meaning their immune system hasn’t had chance to develop fully. Protect your children as they live and grow, and get an air purifier for your home to defend their immune systems.

  • Elderly Parents

If your elderly parents live with you, of course their health is of even greater concern to you than normal, as it’s within your power to increase their chances of remaining healthy. Elderly people have weakened immune systems, and they only grow weaker as they age. An air purifier is an extra means of looking after your parents’ health while they’re in your care.

  • Mould & Mildew

If you’re troubled by mould and mildew in your home, you are probably concerned about the effects of it on your health. The spores produced by mould and mildew are toxic and hazardous when inhaled in large quantities, so it’s best to ensure there are as few as possible circulating within your home, and an air purifier is the ideal way to reduce them.Air Purifiers

  • Main Roads

If you live on a main road, then you’re no stranger to the annoyance of loud traffic passing by. But have you considered that you’re also troubled by all the toxins and carcinogens released by the vehicles in such close proximity to your home? An air purifier can put your fears to rest that you are slowly being poisoned by the outside world.

  • Agriculture

If you live near a farm, it may not have occurred to you that you’re being exposed to all the toxic chemicals they use on a regular basis. Pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are used regularly on farms and if there’s a farm near your home, you’re probably being exposed to these chemicals on a regular basis. Air purifiers can help reduce the risk created by them.

Angel Carmichael, the author of this article is a nature lover. Her love for the nature is what made her join Airepure Australia in the first place. They sell the best air filtration systems which helps in keeping the air around you clean.

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