Drivers who craved efficient cars in the part had a very simple choice, largely because they had none at all. To get better gas mileage and bring down on-the-road costs, a traditional hybrid model was the sensible alternative to the engine powered only by gasoline. Times have changed, however, and so have the eco-friendly technologies found in today’s most environmentally friendly cars. The choice between plugin-hybrids and electric vehicles is a tough one, but each serves a slightly different segment of the market that will appreciate the unique benefits of these differing technologies. Hybrid Electric Cars

The Plug-In Hybrid: Who Benefits and Why it Matters

The plug-in hybrid is a relatively recent innovation and one that builds on the success of regenerative hybrid models that came to market over a decade ago. Instead of relying entirely on regenerative braking and other sound driving habits to power the electric engine, the plug-in model actually leverages the power of wall outlets and mobile charging stations. Under the right conditions, drivers will hardly need gasoline as they drive to work and make local trips throughout the community.

The plug-in model will resort to gasoline on longer trips when the electric battery runs out, making this car ideal for longer trips as well as shorter ones. This is a pretty big improvement over all-electric models, which do still suffer from range limitations. That said, drivers are not out of the woods in terms of gas prices. This makes buyers susceptible to gas price spikes that otherwise might be out of the question entirely.

Electric Vehicles: A Great Buy for Local Drivers and Occasional Commuters

The plug-in hybrid has been designed as a stopgap measure as all-electric technologies continue to advance. Its gasoline backup means that it can drive hundreds or thousands of miles without losing power and stranding motorists. The same is not true of the electric vehicle. Instead, this car functions best when it’s driven less than 100 miles one way. While range is always going up and innovations are always making these cars more practical for ever-longer journeys, their utility as true road trip vessels is not yet close to fruition.

Though they may not be the best choice for those who drive longer distances, electric vehicles are a great choice for in-town driving to a nearby office, supermarket, or school. They’re also excellent for any driver who lives close to electric charging stations. Drivers yearning for all-electric operation can live the dream right now if they take shorter trips. Others should wait a few years and see whether or not range improves, electric charging stations become more common, or regenerative technologies make these cars more practical for extended use.Electric Cars

Two Great, Eco-Friendly Options with Different Markets

Each of the cars mentioned here can be a revolution in terms of fuel costs and driving styles. The plug-in hybrid allows drivers to drive an electric car with “training wheels” in the form of a backup gasoline engine. All-electric models fully embrace the future of driving, with the caveat of shorter distances traveled and fewer charging stations available.

No matter the current state of the electric vehicle market, both cars are a slice of the future and both will be around for some time to come. Driers considering one of these options shouldn’t hesitate to make an electric vehicle feel right at home in their garage. With plans for major expansion of electric recharging stations and manufacturers already testing out EVs with thousand-mile ranges, it’s only a matter of time before these entry-level cars pave the way for an emissions-free future no matter how far motorists plan to take them.

Sebastian writes on a car blog about the latest models and advances in car technology. Leave a comment and he’ll get back to you.

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