The Numerous Benefits Of A Ride On Lawn Mower

Have You Even Considered A Solar Powered Riding Lawn Mower?

If you’ve had enough of pushing around the good old electric or gas lawnmower it may be time for you to upgrade. How much easier would cutting the grass be if you could just sit back and relax? This doesn’t mean you should hire someone else to do the job, but simply that it may be time for you to invest in a ride on lawn mower. Admittedly, a ride on lawn mower will cost far more money than a traditional lawnmower, although the additional benefits make the extra costs pale into insignificance. This post will introduce you to the various benefits of a ride on lawn mower.

Which Ride On Lawn Mower Should You Choose?

Just as with traditional lawnmowers, you have a huge choice of ride on lawn mowers. Your first thoughts should be related to the size of the area you need to regularly mow, as a larger area will typically require a mower with more horsepower, hence costing more money. You should also consider the size of your deck or fence, which the mower must squeeze through to get to the grass. So, it’s all well and good purchasing a bigger model, but it must be able to make its way to the grass as well.

You must also consider the type of land you will be using your ride on lawn mower on, as if your area of grass is covered in hills and bumps, a mower with gauge wheels is necessary. However, if the area is particularly flat this need not be a concern. You may also have items of garden furniture or various obstacles on your lawn and therefore a ride on lawn mower with bumpers may be required. This ensures that if you do happen to accidentally bump into an object or furniture at least you know your engine remains protected.

Another option is the zero turn ride on lawn mower, which is particularly useful for an extremely large garden, especially one which features many trees. The zero turn mower allows you to turn the vehicle around extremely easily, thus allowing you to cut around the bottom of trees or flower beds without having to worry about reversing, getting off or damaging anything. However, this model is considerably more expensive than the basic ride on lawn mowers, although this is down to your requirements and personal preferences.

Other Benefits

Thumbs Up For The Ride On Lawn Mower

A ride on lawn mower is perfect for someone who is suffering with health issues that causes them problems if they have to stand up for too long or push things around. At least you know you can remain seated the whole time you are cutting the grass. The mower can be started extremely easily and typically features a key, which is much less hassle than having to pull a cord, such as is required with a traditional lawnmower. Many models also feature a sunshade, which can control the amount of exposure to the sun whilst you are outdoors. A ride on lawn mower has many attachments you can use, such as the ability to apply fertiliser or grass seeds as you sit comfortably and drive around.

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