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Solar houses may be the face of tomorrow’s housing. Living in a solar house confers many benefits that go beyond the reduction in your utility bill. Some of these benefits are indirect while others will accrue directly to you and your family. Either way, using solar power is a true green solutions approach to living.

Indirect Benefits
Solar power is not only renewable; it is also nonpolluting. Coal and natural gas power plants pump large amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere every day. Coal plants dump leftover sludge into holding ponds. Eventually, the noxious chemicals contained in the sludge work their way into the water table. Nuclear power plants produce radioactive wastes that will be dangerous for many times the average human lifespan.

Solar power produces none of this pollution. Because of solar power, the air will be cleaner and more water will be safe to drink. Since solar power does not produce greenhouse gases, converting to solar power can also help stop the speed of climate change. A cleaner environment may be only one benefit of living in a solar house, but it is an important one.

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When you buy a solar power system, you are helping to support thousands of high technology, “green” jobs around the world. These jobs pay their workers a living wage and help the economies in a number of countries.

Solar Power

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Direct Benefits
The first and most obvious benefit of living in a house with solar power is the lower utility bills. If your system is grid-tied, you will pay a very low rate for your electricity. There may even be days when the power company pays you! If you choose to not be tied to the grid and have a battery storage bank instead, you will no longer have a power bill.

This is more important than it may seem on the surface. Electricity bills are increasing rapidly around the country. At the current rate of increase, your new solar power system may pay for itself sooner than you think. Solar power may be expensive initially, but once you pay the up-front expenses you may never have to write another check to the utility company!

Another benefit of solar power is independence from the power grid. Many areas of the country experience frequent black-outs, particularly during the summer months and other times of high demand. An independent solar power system will give you peace of mind. The next time a blackout hits your neighborhood you can rest secure knowing that your home still has power. Even if the blackout lasts for several days, your solar panels will keep producing power and charging your batteries every single day.

Unlike traditional power systems, which make a lot of noise, your solar power system will be completely silent. If everyone in your neighborhood converts to solar power, you will no longer hear the low hum of the transformer pushing power into your area.

Solar power is also completely renewable and long-lasting. As long as the sun continues to shine, we can use its ray to produce electricity. Your individual solar panels will last for at least 20 years; some of the newer ones are expected to last as long as half a century. The technology is also simple and low-maintenance. Aside from topping up the battery reservoirs two or three times a year, there is no required routine maintenance. If something ever does break, it is generally easy to repair; many homeowners repair their systems themselves.

As you can see, solar power has a number of benefits. If you have not yet looked into converting your home, you should do so as soon as possible.

Ben is future home owner in Queens. After few months of looking condos for sale in New York, he found one nice condo which he can afford. Since he pays a lot of attention to every small thing about his new home, he decided to investigate more about using solar power. Here are some benefits he found out, talking with people who already have solar power in their homes.

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