Biodegradable Packaging – Another Green Solutions Option

With the whole world going green now-a-days, it seems like every industry in the world is trying to follow suit.  One of the biggest ways companies are being green is with biodegradable packaging of their products.  But what exactly does biodegradable mean?  It refers to the materials used breaking down into organic components after being exposed to moisture, heat, and naturally occurring organisms.  The time it takes a product to break down depends on its size, genetic make-up, and the level of exposure it has to the mentioned factors.

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Biodegradable Packaging - Bio-Packaging

Biodegradable: To Use or Not to Use

So, why use biodegradable?  Conventional plastics are made from oil.  Oil takes 300 million years to form.  Oil based plastics are NOT recyclable and will end up in landfills or the ocean.  Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to degrade and poisonous toxins will pollute rivers, harm wildlife, and create ugly landfill scars.  Packaging made of natural plant materials like corn and sugarcane can use 70% less CO2 than conventional plastic.  Unlike oil based plastics, natural made plastics only take 12 weeks to be turned into natural compost.  If we all decided to use biodegradable packing, we all will reduce our carbon footprint.  This will help lower environmental impact.

Why Companies should Switch

The reason so many businesses are making the switch to biodegradable is because they can greatly reduce their environmental impact almost immediately.  The toxic oil-based products thrown away by their customers everyday would be no more.  Businesses that use natural packaging separate themselves from their competition.  It also helps to increase that business’s brand recognition.  Going green has also been proven to build customer loyalty for some businesses.  The switch from conventional plastic packaging to natural packaging is fairly simple and can be done in a short period of time.  Packaging made from natural elements has tested stronger than conventional plastic so businesses won’t be losing quality if they decided to make the switch.

Biodegradable packaging  – or bio-packaging – is also compostable. It meets the American Society for Testing and Materials standards as a compostable product.  A product labeled as compostable must break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter in a compost site at a similar rate of other naturally occurring materials.  The disintegrating particles must be very small and leave absolutely no toxic residue.  The resulting compost must not show signs of having any heavy metals or other toxins and be useful as an organic fertilizer.

Going green is the way to go, and biodegradable packaging is an excellent, low cost green option. Pretty much everyone is doing it to one degree or another.  It is also the most responsible thing we can do so that our children and their children have a beautiful, healthy planet to live on.

For more green tips, contact Jeana Olchowy. Follow her @jolchowy25.

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