Energy Efficient Homes – Tips For Go Green Enthusiasts

When designing a home, there are many different aspects to consider – from the number of en-suites to the colour of the interior walls. The main concerns of those people building a home is to save money. One of the easiest ways to save yourself money when building a house is to ensure it is energy-efficient.

There are many different money-saving schemes and grants available to those who are building a home economically. As well as seeing instant savings, home builders will also see a wealth of savings in the future.

For the go green enthusiasts, here are some things to consider when building an energy efficient homeTips To Consider When Building An Energy Efficient Homes


The type of flooring you choose to place in your home can save energy as well as money. If you are worried about heat escaping from your newly built home, you should consider having carpet fitted. Carpet tends to trap heat and keep your home much warning during the winter.

If carpet does not appeal to your style and taste, consider fitting a rug instead.

Window Treatments

You will often hear of heat escaping from your home, but how exactly does it escape? The first way to prevent this happening is to get double glazed windows fitted.

It is possible to choose different types of double glazed windows – you should choose the ones that offer the best quality. There are other things you can do to ensure heat does not escape from your windows – fitting curtains can catch the heat inside your home and prevent it from escaping.

Exterior Doors

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when building your home is what exterior doors to choose. The first thing you should consider is the doors’ energy-performance ratings. This score informs you how well each door does in preserving heat in the home. Using this score to help you find the ideal door will also help you narrow down your selection – making the decision much easier.


The best way to maintain the heat in your home is by fitting good quality insulation. By fitting good quality, and the right amount, you can be sure that limited heat will leak from your home.

Many different firms will offer insulation at a discounted rate to encourage homeowners to be more economical.An energy efficient house

Solar Power

A futuristic way of saving energy and money in your home is by fitting solar panels. Buying and installing solar panels can equate to quite a high cost, however the amount of money you will save in the future is rather significant.

Again, many different firms will offer the installation of the solar panels at a discounted rate to encourage more homeowners to use them. Search around to get the best possible price. Solar power is one of the sustainable and go green solutions.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

When purchasing the appliances and fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen, consider each one’s Energy-Star rating. Those appliances with better Energy-Star rating can save you a substantial amount of money each year.

A majority of kitchen and bathroom fixtures will have an Energy-Star rating, if you cannot find the rating; you should ask the supplier for the information.

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