Building Solar Panels – Your Green Tips

Building Solar Panel

You Can Save Big Bucks

Everyone should be building solar panels. Today the world is learning to live with energy generated from alternative sources such as solar power, windmills and wind turbines; and with the advancement in technology, the inner workings of the system that generates solar power is now more easily understood. There are many people who have succeeded in learning to building solar panels to make their own systems rather than purchase expensive ones. With expense or cost being a big factor, many folks today have taken to making their own solar panels and want to learn more about solar panels for power generation. To generate solar power system or to make the generator to get your house or office powered you really need to know something about building solar panels and then understand how the thing actually works.


Things You Need to Know

Building Solar Panels on houseAs a first start, it is very useful to know the main components that are required in building the solar panels. You need to understand the functions of these components and how they help the system to work. Some of the primary components needed include capacitors, a volt relay, transistors, copper wires, and most importantly the solar panels. The panels are probably the main component but this depends on other factors such as whether you are generating electricity or heating water – a solar water heater. Glass and timber – usually plywood sheets – are required to connect the panels together.

Solar panels are formed from an interconnected collection of solar cells or photovoltaic cells. They are also called photovoltaic panels or modules or collector panels. These panels have long been used since the 1800s and in some tropical countries they are standard equipment for producing hot water in homes and businesses. Because of the benefits to people and to the environment or nature if you prefer, a lot of people had built solar panels and solar power systems, and they themselves are now encouraging other folks to build their own solar systems.


Do You Have What It Takes To Build It

Building solar panels is not quite easy and straightforward, but it’s also not that difficult. For a person to build a solar panel, one will need the following: one electric stove with at least 1100 watts, one micro-ammeter that can read currents from 10 to 50 micro-amperes, sheet metal shears, one 2-liter plastic bottle, 2-3 tablespoons of salt, tap water, 2 alligator clip leads, ½ foot square sheet of copper flashing, safety goggles, and electric drill with sandpaper.

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While this list is not exhaustive, some additional tools required are cutting tools for wood and metal, wire cutters, plastic sheet cutters, a hacksaw, drills and drill bits, screwdrivers of different sizes, crimping tools, reamers and pliers. With these we can get going to do our share of greening the environment and saving ourselves some money.

Once you have collected all the required materials and have the tools ready to start off building your solar panels, please make sure that you have gone through all the manuals and the booklets to better understand the process. Do not assume that you know anything. Always follow the instructions precisely as they are given.


Let’s Do It

The next step is the actual building of the solar panels and for this you need to know the complete know-how and technique for building the panels. As I have said earlier, please take time to read and understand the process, the techniques used or recommended and pay attention to any warnings or cautions provided. You are working with glass and metal and both of these can make the experience unpleasant if appropriate safety precautions are ignored. You can now be building solar panels.

You Can Be Building Solar Panels

At this time it would be worth your to understand the workings of each component and the functions they perform to enable generation of solar powered energy. While you will now have a good idea of what is involved in the process, it helps if do understand the way the unit is supposed to function. You can do this by reading some of the books and instruction manuals that are available along with the tools and equipment that you purchased to build your solar panels. Most of these instructions are quite simply stated and are really straight forward enough to understand.

In building solar panels, a person must cut the copper flashing – also known as copper sheeting – in a rectangular size using sheet metal shears. The size should fit the electric burner. The copper flashing being used has to be clean and free from any corrosion. The copper flashing will need to be cooked or heated on an electric burner for 30 minutes until a thick layer of black cupric oxide has formed.

As soon as the layer of cupric oxide has developed, let the copper cool slowly. The copper should be scrubbed under running water to remove any leftover bits of the oxide. Gently remove the oxide bits without taking off the red cuprous oxide. Another piece of copper should be cut to the same size. Using the alligator clips, attach the panels to the inside of the wide-mouth plastic bottle with the top cut off. The panels should not come in contact with the bottle and must be bent to go with the curves of the bottle.

For the panels we need to attach the lead of the alligator clip that secures the clean copper plate into the meter’s positive terminal. On the other hand, the cuprous oxide plate must be connected to the meter’s negative terminal.

Through dissolving of the salt in hot tap water, a water and salt solution will be produced. In building solar panels, the water and salt solution should be enough to cover just about the plates’ bottom part while setting aside the clips high and dry. Put the solar panel under the sun, and observe how the gauge will jump to show the current that the solar panel has produced.


Don’t Just Sit There, Let’s Install It

A most important aspect is the proper installation of the device so that the right amount of energy can be produced. Building solar Panels - InstallationSo it is just not enough to build a solar panel; you also need to know the right, correct or best way of installation which is basically quite easy. Since each application is different, you need to pay close attention to the manuals for directions and guidance suited and suitable for your particular application. Once installed you need to keep a storage device in the form of an inverter that is connected to store the extra energy and convert it to AC power which is usually used for residential requirements.

The instructions are for solar panels used in the production of energy specifically. If building solar panels for making solar water heating systems, the construction process is more complex and will be covered in a different article.


Think About It – You’re Done

Currently, solar panels had been widely utilized by nature-advocate entities for their homes, office buildings, and cars among others. It is one of the greatest discoveries in the field of science especially in solar energy discipline. Having solar panels may be quite expensive for those commercially built ones. However, building solar panels for residential use through this method is a good way to start because it is economical and cost-effective.


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