Get Affordable Eco Friendly Furniture

Let’s talk about affordable eco friendly furniture for your home. Furniture is one item in the home that we buy with a lot of care and consideration. In fact, a number of criteria are considered when buying furniture for the home.

  • Convenience is a prime factor
  • Then there is the decorative element in the furniture
  • And finally, its affordability.

But now, a new factor needs to be considered –  and that is whether it is eco friendly or harmful to both the health of the family and the environment.

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Today better appreciating the importance of preserving the planet and making it pollution free, there are many materials being used to make furniture that are eco friendly. Some of the now affordable eco friendly furniture is made of materials like:Affordable Eco Friendly Furniture - go green

  • bamboo
  • Wood like pine and other hardwood
  • Cane and cane derivatives
  • Rattan
  • Recycled materials.


Bamboo is one of the hot favorites for affordable eco friendly furniture because even though it is eco friendly it is relatively inexpensive and therefore very affordable. One of the great factors that support the use of bamboo is that it is a renewable resource and hence there is no limit on its use. Furthermore, given its popularity, it has spawned a re-emergence of related industries and green solutions careers. Whether you want furniture for the exterior  – like garden furniture, patio furniture or pool side furniture or for the interior, you can find all kinds of accent pieces to add to the beauty and ambiance of your home.

Cane and related varieties

Cane furniture is another popular choice in some places. This has been around for a very long time mainly due in part to its affordability and now many more people have come to recognize it as affordable eco friendly furniture – a part of the green solutions approach to green living. Affordable Eco Friendly Furniture - Green solutions

Besides, all the different types of affordable eco friendly furniture are available with a variety of finishes that enhance their value as luxurious and comfortable furniture. Bamboo furniture too is given the needed finish to make it look very elegant – quite apart from it eco friendly feature. Highly sustainable and made in very contemporary as well as traditional styles affordable eco friendly furniture is growing in demand and people are actually going all out of their way to acquire it to make their home ‘green’.

Recycled products

Besides bamboo the other sustainable materials used in the manufacture of affordable eco friendly furniture include recycled products. The materials recycled include:

  • rubber
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • and other materials.

Recycling is a good go green process of creating material for the manufacture of furniture as the forests are then kept safe. This helps in preserving the environment and also alleviating the emission of toxic gasses from the furniture manufacturing processes by using materials that are not harmful to the environment. Moreover, recycled materials usually required less processing time and tend to consume less resources in their production. This makes it an ideal material to be used in the manufacture of affordable eco friendly furniture.


Rattan furniture is another form of affordable eco friendly furniture – made out of Rattan which is a kind of palm. Some of the qualities that it has are that it is highly sustainable because of its durability and is perfect for use in hot or humid conditions. On your next furniture shopping trip, consider affordable eco friendly furniture for your home.

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