Carbon Footprint – Thru The Eyes of Green Enthusiasts

The environment has suffered for many years due to the thoughtless actions of the human race, but we have finally understood the error of our ways. As well as owning up to our accountability, we have started to be proactive when dealing with our own damaging contributions.

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Our carbon footprint is something that has recently been highlighted as a way to measure the way in which we produce harmful greenhouse gases. We have started to change the way that we do things at home, and this is producing beneficial results. The workplace has also come under the microscope, and this article looks at some simple ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint during our daily 9-5 routines.Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint At Work

Whatever our profession may be, we are all responsible for creating a certain amount of harmful greenhouse gases on a daily basis. Some industries may be more culpable than others in this regard, but we need to follow the same best practices if we are to achieve some success in this very important activity. Whether you work in a heavy industry role or stack shelves in the supermarket, we can all work a little harder to help to save our beautiful planet.

Office Workers

If you spend most of your time in the office, the chances are that you are producing a fair amount of harmful greenhouse gas every day. The energy that is used in a typical office setup is as follows:Carbon Footprint - Offices

  • Lighting – 30 %
  • Office Heating – 25%
  • Equipment – 16%
  • Water Heating – 9%
  • Cooling – 9%
  • Other Use – 11%

How To Reduce?

The first thing that leaps out at us when we look at these figures is the lighting, at 30%. This can surely be addressed in a way that reduces such a high percentage. By installing a light sensor system we can chop at least 10% off that figure. The sensor activated lights will automatically switch off after a pre-set time of inactivity. The heating system is next on the list, because it uses a quarter of all of the office energy.Carbon Footprint - Reduce, ReuseInstall a HVAC system that will ensure the heating comes on at the most appropriate time and uses the cheapest tariff.


The employers really need to lead the way with regards to kicking that huge footprint into touch. An employer needs to choose the most energy efficient equipment for his or her office. The manufacturers are duty bound to display the energy related specifications on their products. An Energy Star labelled product will ensure that you cannot get a better appliance regarding a reduced carbon footprint.

Common Sense For Everyone

No matter where you happen to work, there are some simple ways in which you can help to reduce the damage we have already done to the environment. A simple car share scheme can cut your carbon emissions by as much as 50 %, if your workplace does not have one in place, why not pioneer the scheme? Help to remind your colleagues to use the recycled bins, and ensure that your computer printer is turned off at night and uses recycled paper.

Do Your Bit!

No matter how much you think you are following all of the best practices, just check your activities every couple of months and you may be surprised to learn of mew ways to help preserve our beautiful planet – Good Luck!

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Colin Sammy works for Metaglo, WA. He is pretty active when it comes to environmental issues and has partcipated in many awareness campaigns. He is also an ardent music lover and likes to listen to his favorite sound tracks after a hard days work.

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