How To Maintain Astroturf

Synthetic Grass – How To Maintain Astroturf

If you want to keep Astroturf in tip-top condition, ensure it looks as good as new and lasts for many, many years, you must maintain and care for it in a particular way. You can actually treat and maintain Astroturf yourself, or there are many companies which provide professional treatments. Just in case you weren’t aware, Astroturf is actually a brand, but it is most commonly used to describe various types of artificial turf. This post will introduce you to the ideal way to care for and maintain Astroturf.

Astroturf Maintenance

How To care For Astroturf

-There is a three-step program that most owners of Astroturf will use to ensure the surface is properly maintained. This will involve lifting the fibres, then removing any debris, before finally fluffing out the infill material to make it less compact. This simple process will improve the overall efficiency of Astroturf, make it more resistant, improve drainage from the surface and well as ensuring it is in the best condition possible.

-You will need to regular replace the infill material, which is typically rubber based. The infill material is known to shift out of place over a period of time, which can occur because it is used very often, due to climate conditions, or simply because it has been neglected.

-Depending on where your Astroturf is installed you will require regular maintenance and repair work to be carried out on both the seam and the logo.  You may also notice that paint repairs are needed and this can help to restore the turf to its original colour and clarity.

-You should perform regular maintenance on Astroturf, typically each time after it is used. You can fill a bucket with water and a mild cleanser, such as washing up liquid, in order to remove any spills or stains from the surface. You will generally find that if this type of artificial grass is used in a competitive arena, such as for a football or baseball pitch, it will regularly pick up stains and marks from play. However, these can be easily removed with a little work.

-You should use a scrubbing brush with soft bristles to clean the surface and this should be dipped into the soapy water before scrubbing the affected area of the surface. Continue to scrub the stained area until the mark has completely gone. Unfortunately, if you are unable to remove certain stains from the surface they are likely to become a permanent fixture, which in turn will cause the Astroturf to harden. Astroturf has typically been associated with rather strange injuries, such as burn marks and if becomes harder this could lead to any number of unwanted injuries.

Maintaining Astroturf

There are certain things which should be kept away from Astroturf, as they will simply cause more problems to the surface. Food is known to stain Astroturf and therefore you should avoid eating around this particular surface. Many Astroturf pitches from the American baseball leagues are covered in tobacco spit and this is extremely hard to remove and will generally leave a permanent stain. You should also never use bleach to clean Astroturf and simply stick to a mild cleaning agent.

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