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Fracking - Is It All Bad?

Not all folks see eye to eye on hydraulic fracturing – also known as fracking. I think there are essential three (3) groups – the pro-frackers, the anti-frackers and the “still on the fence” frackers. Not helping the debate is the fact that all groups have some valid concerns – and the chances of reconciliation are optimistically slim but realistically non-existent.

That said, we will still venture to have an input, and our contributor Ms. Ross jumps right in with her comparisons: To frack or not to frack. That is the question…

Water, Wind & Fire: Renewable Energy Sources

Let there be no doubt about it – I am a fully converted go green enthusiast, and have been for years. I have used solar water heating systems for over a quarter century. But that has not totally clouded by awareness nor sensitivities to some possible downsides. For example an article in the reports that “the ethanol era has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today. As farmers rushed to find new places to plant corn, they wiped out millions of acres of conservation land, destroyed habitat and polluted water supplies.” –

Does this mean that the renewable energy thrust is all bad? I think not, but our guest author today looks at this idea. Read on and tell us what you think…

Make your life easier - Fake it

Any device that guarantees to make life easier will be in great demand – within reason of course. And faking the green should not be overlooked. I mean, we already use artificial Christmas Trees – so what’s the big deal? Our feature writer today is Greg Smith, and he is pushing the envelope as it were. He seeks to legitimize the artificial stuff. Do you have some “fake” ideas to share?

Another silent killer - harmful effects of readon

Radon Gas! We don’t hear a lot about this but it’s real and it’s dangerous. It’s radioactive and has no color, no taste and no smell. And remember, Radon is found in outdoor air and in the indoor air of buildings of all kinds. How do we know it even exists? The harmful effects tell the story. Our article today takes a look at this monster, and hopefully you will find useful information to help protect you and your family…

Cheap, Clean & Affordable Natural gas

When it comes to the arguments for and against natural gas extraction, fracking and safety issues occupy center stage. I must admit that I am ambivalent on the issues and remain quite sympathetic to both sides of the debate. That said, this article offers some tips and facts about natural gas. Controversial as it is, I suspect you have some thoughts of your own – why not share them with us?

On the edge of a Solar Energy Boom?

You would think some places are better suited for exploiting solar power than others, and you would probably be right. Consider Florida, Barbados or Kenya for example – no shortage of raw solar resources. Yet, the expected solar energy boom has not occurred. In fact, there are some real challenges and of course there are doubters & naysayers. But maybe they are on to something. Our author, Peter Helms, has some thoughts on this and clearly identifies them in this article. No doubt, you have thoughts too. Why not share them with us?

Go green solutions & power plants

Many power plants – particularly coal-fired plants – are under environmental pressure. They have been blamed for ground water pollution and illegal seepage from ash ponds. But this is just one issue – there are many more. These issues force us to wonder if power plants are safe for the environment – and we are not even talking about nuclear plants. Our guest author Nicole is a green energy enthusiast and she raises some additional issues in this article. What are your thoughts about this? Share with us…

Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is considered to be the greenhouse gas emissions caused by people, equipment, organizations or events. As it is therefore, you have a carbon footprint.. The thing is, a big carbon footprint is bad and we need to do whatever we can to reduce it. Yes, I know this is still in the realm of controversy, but our guest author for the article – Colin Sammy – has his own suggestions on the matter. He has a few tips on shrinking the carbon footprint at work…

Saving our planet - solar panels

Don’t worry about asteroids from space. The threat to the planet is internal – it’s us. And as we think about it , the environment and being eco-friendly are two topics that regularly work their way into national media publications and debates throughout the world. Take recycling for example. Can we say for sure that this is always the most efficient use of resources? Checkout this article and tell us what you think…

Human impact - killing the planet

There are several outcroppings of our lifestyles that are helping to kill the planet. Yes, plastic is one of them – just one. Then there is this question of fax machines – the traditional ones. There are several aspects of these machines that are not only less than earth friendly, but are downright detrimental to mother earth.

Today’s author is Jeanine C. Price – a socially conscious blogger, and she outlines some reasons why these fax machines are killing the planet….

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