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Paper Waste  - Making Small Lifestyle Changes

Small lifestyle changes! Where have you heard this before? Generally, when talking about health related changes. Well, the planet is a living, vibrant entity and for us human beings, it’s the only one we really have – at this time anyway. In this article, Hayden Blake – an environmental engineer – lists some very small lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on the overall health of our only “I can live on it” planet!

Wasps - House Buzzing

Generally speaking, I always recommend pest control without toxic chemicals, and dealing with wasps is no different. However, not all of my associates or guests agree with me – and I can respect that. In fact, my guest today is Daniel Nestor, a pest control services expert, and he has another approach to getting rid of these pesky and menacing wasps…

Eating Insects - Go Green Solutions

Don’t try this while eating!
Because I know for some folks, just the thought of eating insects or bugs – worms, grasshoppers, caterpillars, spiders, and so on – can create some life changing stomach eruptions, also called vomiting. But the fact is, these insects are staple sources of protein worldwide for a lot of people. Plus, this practice of eating insects as food is established and has a name – entomophagy. You must read all about it here….

Truths about the environment

Sometimes we take the environment for granted; other times I wonder how we’ve put up with it for so long. Unpredictable and always changing landscapes filled with annoying lazy black and white bears. Here are the 4 things that annoy me the most. Is your list longer than mine?

Pyrenean_ibex - Gone Extinct or Going....

An article listing some of the species that have become extinct in recent decades and one that is almost there. Nothing we can do about what’s gone, but we must preserve what we now have. What say you?

Green ideas, Brilliant Green Bug

Everyone talks about the green future. But is there really a green future? Can it be that the things we perceive as being ‘green’ may not be as green as we think? Here is another look at things….

Go Green - Green Green Grass

No trains, no gold hair. Just memories of the way it used to be. Imagine the green, green grass of home……….

Green Living - The Sam Stone Effect

Revisting John Prine’s Sam Stone – A search for the green living part of the story – Could we have done it differently? Check it out……

Light Pollution _ Go Green

What does stargazing and light pollution have in common? They are both part of the going green family of issues. Light pollution can affect your health and the sleep you need to get. It can also obscure our view of the heavenly bodies. But as always, we can do something about it…….

Going Green - Natural Foods

Don’t get green scammed. Everything that folks call green is not green. You must go green but you should read this…

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