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Self sustaining home

What comes to mind when you hear of self-sustainable home? Do you imagine living in the dark without any of the creature comforts?

Well, I suppose that is one type of sustainable lifestyle, but that’s not the model I am thinking about right now. Think about using our resources more efficiently – that’s the line of thought in the article. Read on…

Gardening after knee surgery

Just because you had a knee replacement is no reason to give up gardening. Yes, knee surgery – or any other for that matter – can present some challenges and we have some suggestions to help you during the rehabilitation process. First and foremost, always follow your orthopedic surgeon’s advice. With that out of the way, your guest author invites you to read on…

Green deal initiative - Eco friendly cladding

There is some limited financial aid available through the Government’s (UK) Green Deal Initiative. Now is a good time to take advantage of this option and include eco-friendly wall and roof cladding. Here are some tips to help you do this…

Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

Recycling and taking care of the earth is an important part of our future. However, the amount of trash piling up in the oceans should be dealt with. But how? There seems to be more questions than answers, but here is one view of this problem….

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources – solar power, wind, bio-energy, hydro, geothermal, etc – can all provide huge quantities of our energy needs and significantly reduce pollution and other health-threatening agents. The challenges we may need to consider is if renewable energy is really important or just some gobbledygook? By now, you know where I stand in this matter. What’s your position?

Eco friendly companies

I just saw a list of the least eco-friendly companies ever, and while we don’t care to list those names here, we are thrilled to mention a few environmentally friendly companies and organizations out there. This list is evidently not exhaustive – but could encourage us to keep fighting for more go green initiatives…

Old polo shirts

Some families struggling with the cost of clothing might consider recycling and reusing previously worn articles. But re-purposing old polo shirts doesn’t have to be an act of desperation. In fact, this can be an exploration into fashion and business – thrift stores aside, there is a business opportunity here for the right entrepreneur. Check out these creative ways to dispose of old clothing – polo shirts and all.

Eco friendly law office

Check this out: “The American Bar Association (ABA) has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a Law Office Climate Challenge — a project that encourages law firms to go green” – this according to a post at – While this is not the only industry to endorse going green, we suspect that it could well be one of the last bastions of traditional non-green activities. Here are some tips to help them on their go green transformation…

Water Drop Experiment - Eco friendly solutions

No doubt you have noticed that more and more folks are “talking green”. That’s the easy part. The challenge is making it happen – and preferably saving some cash in the process. While we can’t away promise that savings result, here are some tips and ideas that will do just that. Go green solutions that will save you money….

LPG- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

You may have heard recently that some countries – South Korea & Turkey for example – have noticeably increasing numbers of LPG-powered vehicles. Not only will this provide some environmental benefits for those countries, but we should also see a global rise in demand for LPG or liquefied petroleum gas.

Quite a part from the obvious go green aspect of this change, is there any way we can take advantage of this emerging business opportunity?

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