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Green driveways with permeable paving

Forget environmental advantages for a minute! Wouldn’t it be great if you could have pavers that not only enhanced curb appeal but also eliminated some of the water runoff around your home? Then you should consider green driveways – they are all those things and eco-friendly too….

Go Green Solutions - Backflow test - Don

Check this out. Don’t let it happen to you! “John Morris lives in rural Beauregard Parish and allowed his son and his family to move behind him. Both families are hooked to the same water meter, but now Morris says Waterworks District 3 is trying to force him to install equipment to prevent backflow contamination. He says it’s expensive equipment.” – this article from

Our guest author has some tips and suggestions for this exact problem….

Shopping for an eco friendly car

And life gets better.

Green cars are no longer just imaginary. There are now eco-friendly cars that run without fuel – gasoline or diesel. BMW has one of it’s luxury models that’s all electric. But before you run out and buy, here are some things to consider…

Greenest Cities Index

“Countrywide, of course, waste has been on the rise for some time. Nationally, the EPA has shown that Americans went from generating about 2.68 pounds of waste per person per day in 1960 to a plateau of around 4.5 pounds from 1990 to 2010. Of the 250 million tons of MSW generated nationally in 2010, only 85 million tons were composted or recycled” – as stated in The Capitol Hill Times at: Yet, there are some bright sparks. Read all about it….

Eco friendly vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Transport is one of the major sources of greenhouse gases that make air quality worse than it needs to be. Just a few simple changes can go a long way in making your car more eco-friendly.

Annual Energy Statement

So you have received your annual energy statement . What happens next? What do these number means? What does the statement really say? Our contributor Laura Ginn jumps with some tips to help us understand these statements.

Paperless law practice

I know it sounds like a dream to even think of paperless offices – and now I dare talk about a paperless law office. No doubt there is much confusion and even more disbelief about paperless anything. The fact is, paperless does not necessarily mean “no paper”. Zane Schwarzlose is our contributor today, and Zane is convinced that it’s now becoming easier and easier for most offices to go paperless – even law practices….

Environmental Law

There can be no doubt that environmental law has been developing in scope, breadth and complexity over the last 2 decades or so. The challenges continue to be controlling industrial emissions, managing waste, protecting the environment against the impacts of industrial growth and development to name a few. And like any other profession, this one is not for everybody. But could it be for you?

Prevent Back Pain - Minding Your Back

Green living is not just about solar power and renewable energy; it’s also about keeping some balance and harmony in our lifestyles – green solutions, health & balance. Back pain while driving – or at any time for that matter – is a sure sign of some disharmony, Our contributor, Sebastian, has some tips and ideas on how to stop and prevent back pain while driving…

Green Cars - Green Solutions

This concept of building an emotional or compelling green car is all the rage. Elon Musk clarified that Tesla Motors’ goal is a mass-market, compelling EV. Honda tried a few years ago to inject some excitement in a mass-market hybrid, the CRZ. It has failed miserably. These are the world’s top green car manufacturers and they are all seeking the same objective; An “affordable” green car that the majority of drivers don’t hate to drive. – See more at:, but checkout this article before you go…

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