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Just because we have all of these technology toys and gadgets doesn’t mean we should become couch potatoes. Quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, the trend seems to be favoring a more active lifestyle since the technology is so portable. Our guest author Matt Ward, is convinced of this outdoor trend and offers some tips and suggestions to support this lifestyle.

Perfect garden wedding

“They could have afforded to get married in Hawaii or Mexico, says Pat, 59, who runs a large network marketing business with Rena, 49. In fact, that’s how the couple met when she came to work for him 10 years ago. But no amount of money could have bought even half the fun and memories of that July day on the lush lawn of the Sunshine Bay Yacht Club on Lake Wabamun.” – This quote from the Edmonton Journal at: – Our guest author Samantha, is a wedding planner and she has some tips to help you with your garden wedding…

Hybrid Electric Cars

“Why Electric Cars Could Be Safer than Gasoline-Powered Ones”. This is the tile of a post in the MIT Technology Review at: Obviously, there are always risks of some sort – the risk-free world does not yet exist, last time I checked. We therefore have to make some choices and manage the risks. One choice we could consider is between plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Here are some things to consider…

Eco-friendly alternative to home demolition - Deconstruction

“Ridding Detroit of thousands of burned-out and dilapidated structures is an ongoing issue in the city struggling for a comeback. And there’s a pilot project under way to figure out if there’s a way to do it in a way that gets jobs, adds value and does no environmental damage.” – Even though you may not be working on such a large scale, the deconstruction principles are the same. In this post, Kris Hopkins discusses an approach to demolishing buildings in an eco-friendly way.

Green cleaning tips

There is no doubt that more and more business disciplines are “going green” these days. Of course, it’s not just about the greening – there are many financial benefits to be derived from this approach. The fact is, green cleaning is one of these initiatives that can save money while providing many occupational, environmental and safety benefits – from eliminating the use of harsh chemicals. Our guest author Jeremy, has some tips and suggestions for green cleaning in the office.

Green energy plans

As India works to initiate its green energy plans, it may be able to solve its energy issues sooner rather than later. An of course, there are lessons we all can learn from India’s green corridor initiatives. Laura Ginn guides us as we look at this program…

Green energy tariffs

The green energy debate is still going full throttle. Some folks are convinced that this “going green” concept is a conspiracy and there is no real limit to the natural resources we currently use. Of course some others argue differently. Even so, there is is some movement forward – seeking to be more eco-friendly, generally. And an area that jumps out at us is our electricity supply. The question is – Can we really have a green electricity supply?

Be eco-friendly - use a solar blanket

Of course you enjoy using your pool. But sometimes the water gets cold – too cold – and having a heated pool is right up there with things you must have. Plus, a heated pool can be therapeutic. A major drawback here could be cost – the cost of heating the pool. And that’s where the solar blanket comes in. In this article, Jane Myers discusses solar covers and how to use them for maximum benefit and lowest costs….

Eco Friendly Buildings

“The owner of the Studio of Environmental Architecture firm, David Randall Hertz, designed the extremely unconventional and environmentally friendly home, known as the 747 Wing House, on 55 acres of land in the Santa Monica mountains” as stated at:

While I am not even close to suggesting that we emulate this specific model, I can’t help thinking that we can do a lot more with stuff we have to help create a more eco-friendly environment. Nicola agrees with me and in this post she offers some ideas on eco-friendly buildings…

Cleaning Your Pool - Green Options & Other Ideas

Every pool owner has to grapple with the question of cleaning – keeping the pool clean. And depending on your tolerances and sensitivities, chemicals usually become a way of life.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t have to suffer and endure respiratory issues or skin irritation. Green cleaning technology is now an option – not always inexpensive – but readily available. Our guest today is Charlie Wayne, landscape architect and renowned luxury pool designer, and he has some green cleanings tips and ideas…

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