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Green tea for oral health

“Recent examples found regular tea drinkers were less likely to develop oral cancer, for instance. There’s also evidence that tea helps control blood pressure fluctuation, and growing evidence for a link with reduced cognitive decline,” – this from a post at:

Interesting as this information may be, here are some tips to brew the perfect cup of tea…

Grass-fed beef - Why not?

To my vegetarian and non-meat eating friends – This is not for you.
For all the other folks, here are some ideas about grass-fed beef that should interest you – even if you are not really big on beef. Our contributor, Zane, argues that grass-fed beef could improve your health. Do you concur?

Green Alternatives - Green Solutions

For many folks, buying exotic foods not grown in their normal environment has become a way of life. The fact is, very few people even stop to think about how we get these foods and whether or not there is any negative environmental impact. Here is a look at how you might respond to this …

Homeopathy, London Homeopathic Hospital

Homeopathy. An herbal approach that is useful for treating a wide variety of illnesses and health problems. At least that’s the way some folks understand it. Here are some tips and ideas to help you understand this healing modality better….

Herbal supplements - Go Green Solutions

The truth is herbs have been used for illnesses for centuries, but you still have to be careful taking them. Always use good judgement and seek the advice of trained and qualified herbalists or herbal practitioners. Even so, here are some ideas to consider…

Eating ‘Green’ - Better Health and a Longer Life

Thinking about health and long-life? Do you think your food or meals may contribute to better health or longer life? Take heart. There are many things you an do for better health and longer life. Here are some tips…

Free Range Beef - Go green

You want to go green, but you are not a vegetarian. You want to enjoy beef – organic beef. That’s not a problem. Here is the beef…

Growing Organic Coffee - Go Green

Are you a green enthusiast who wants that “cup-o-joe” in the morning? No need to feel guilty. You can still be part of the go green initiative when you drink organically grown coffee – with much more flavor too. See how this happens and see an Organic Coffee Farm in the Earth Education International video….

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