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When thinking about organic gardening we usually consider insects, fungus & diseases and fertilizers. These are the usual issues for any gardening for that matter. The question is , what should we do? How do we respond to these challenges? Here are Green Solutions Express we do not have all the answers, but our guest author has some tips….

Eco-Friendly Garden: Recycled Bird Feeder

When some folks think or talk about eco-friendly gardens, ladybugs – or ladybirds as they are known in some regions – come to mind. And that’s OK. In fact, these bugs can be used very effectively in your pest control programs. But, that’s just the tip of the “greenberg”. The are many different ways we can create eco-friendly gardens, and our author today specializes in writing on these matters. She has a whole bunch of ideas, tips and suggestions for helping you with your eco-friendly garden…

Create your own garden - choose the correct space

Gardening is a therapeutic activity for some folks. If you are one such person, more green power to you, plus you get to grow some of the foods you like to eat. If you don’t find any therapy in the soil but would like to grow your own vegetables, more power to you too. Our guest author, Ema Rogers, works with sprays and spray equipment , and she has some tips to help you create your own vegetable garden…

Beautiful backyard, Backyard

Whether it’s springtime or if you are in the beautiful Caribbean – anytime – outdoors is the place to be. And if that’s the case why not do it in style? Enjoy your own beautiful backyard. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either. The fact is – wherever you are – you will find flowers, shrubs and grasses that are suited to your own area. Chase Cullen is a freelance writer and he has some backyard tips for you….

Gardening on the balcony

Get ready for summer time! I know that in some places – The Caribbean for example – it’s always summer. More power to those countries. But for some of us, summer is something to look forward to. It’s a time when the flora – a lot of it anyhow – come into their own magnificent bloom. This is not an accident, and you can help to make gardens & greenery things to enjoy. Here are some job ideas and tips from way down under….

Natural Pest Control

We all want to keep these pesky neighbors – pests – away from our homes and gardens. But, we don’t want to do this at the risk of of our own health nor do we want to further damage the environment with excessive and toxic chemicals and other substances. Well then, what are the options? Have you considered Natural Pest Control? Here are some tips and ideas…

Organic garden, 20110505-RD-LSC-0268

Are you considering organic gardening or any other gardening for that matter? Then, here is a look at how you can run an organic garden that provides benefits for you, your family and your community. Here are some ideas…

Pest-free grapes in the vineyard

Pests will find your grapes and destroy them. This way you would lose money. This article discusses the most common vineyard pests that destroy grapes and how to get rid of them in an organic and safe way. Don’t lose money to pests. Learn how you can fight back….


We need to eat more healthy foods, even as we need to save more money. The fact is, we need to consider a system like hydroponics. Hydroponics gardening is becoming a popular way of gardening due to the large production of produce. Here are some tips you can use….

Organic Gardening

Easy tips for growing organic vegetables in your own back yard. This way, you and the family can plant and grow those vegetables that you love and prefer. Not only will you save money but you get to enjoy the outdoors as your back yard comes alive with color and excitement from harvesting your own stuff.

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