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Go Green With Your Oral Hygiene

Let me first say that there are some bogus “organic products” on the market, so buyer beware.

That said, one of the ideas behind organic or holistic dental hygiene is to have safe treatments – free from toxic products and chemicals. Furthermore, the whole person is always treated or at least considered rather than just a specific body system. You treat the roots rather than the leaves kind of concept. Our author – Zane Schwarzlose – writes for dental practice in Houston, and he has some “Go Green With Oral Hygiene” tips for us…

Aloe Vera - herbal treatments for psoriasis

Are you concerned about toxins and the side effects of traditional medications? Would you consider other approaches to managing some health conditions? Do you know that there are known and proven herbal treatments for psoriasis? Here are some green healthy tips….

Organic Skin Care - Natural Skin

Dr. Vincent Bellonzi takes a critical look at diet as an easy, safe and organic approach to managing and coping with some of the skin-care problems some people have. Check out this video…..

Organic Hair Care

A detailed “watch-me-as-I-do-it” presentation of hair care with organic products. This is followed by discussions and explanations. Very interesting…..

Eco Friendly Jewelry - Green Solutions

We have heard it said that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. True as that may be, we want to look around and see if there are any other eco-friendly jewelry pieces out there. And so there are. Check out this posting for some earth friendly jewelry that a girl can befriend…

Make Natural Soap-Go Green

Don’t be afraid to create your own special fragrant soaps. The process is fairly simple and the ingredients are readily available. See this how-to-do-it video…

Organic Skin Care - Going Green

Everyone wants to have baby-soft skin, and for most people this will not happen by accident. You need to do something about it. You need to check out this article.

Organic Lip Balm - Green Solutions

A simple, easy and inexpensive recipe for making organic lip balm. This is so easy to make that your one problem will be making too much. Well, share it with your friends. Check it out….

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