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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is extremely important. Not only does recycling help the planet, but it can even earn you some money in the process, as well. It is fairly well known that when kids learn a habit early on in life, they are more likely to continue that habit throughout their lives – this from a “Tim Brown” article at: We concur with this assertion, and our guest author Jessamy Eller has some tips and ideas to help you get started…

Green Storage Solutions

“If you are looking to reduce storage and shipping costs Airpack Systems will be showcasing its latest 100 per cent recyclable inflatable packaging solutions for fragile goods that need to be shipped through courier networks” – from an article at: To get that type of technology at home could cost a “pound and a crown”, but our guest author has some low cost tips and suggestions. Read on…


“Rogers Family Company has developed a single-serve coffee product that it says is 97 percent biodegradable. The company says an estimated 9.1 billion single-serve coffee and drink cartridges — some 19 million cubic feet of waste — wind up in US landfills even year. Its OneCup Bio aims to reduce this waste generated by the industry.” – Want to learn more about biodegradability? Here are some tips from our guest author….

Repurposing - recycle

In Thailand, there is a company that is using old, empty cement bags to make all types of fancy stuff – and you are probably using one of those items right now. Ipad cases, pencil cases, designer-type shopping bags and so on. Now, I’m not suggesting that you jump into this business, but, I am offering the idea that when we begin to look at our trash differently, we just might see the treasure and not just the trash. Today’s contributor is Norah James who talks about Re-purposing. Do you have any “Trash to Treasure” ideas to share?

Recycling - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There is more to recycling than reusing old containers! while we can make a difference in the environment, we can also save a lot money. And if we choose to consider the business side of this activity, there is much potential to make money from recycling or trash. Here are some ideas…

Harvest you rainwater, Rainwater Harvesting

Have you ever thought about harvesting rainwater? And what exactly is harvesting rainwater? Well it’s the collection and storage of rain that falls on your home or property. Once you have stored it, you can use it for gardening, fire protection purposes and in some cases to supplement the underground water resources. That said, take a look at this article…

Squeaky vs the bag of shredded paper

You have got to protect your identity. A good step is to shred the volume of paper you get that might contain snippets of personal information. But what do you do now with this shredded paper if your city council or local government department won’t collect it?

Well, here are tips to get you started. Can you think of some other ideas to share with us? Go right ahead – read and share…

Biodegradable Packaging - Bio-Packaging

For the London 2012 Olympics, McDonald’s chose to use Bioplastic Packaging. This is just another form of biodegradable packaging – and it’s a big thing. Of course they were probably responding to the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic who set standards requiring that all food packaging products – if not readily recyclable – should be biodegradable. This got me thinking about what we can really do on a large scale. Plus, this green solutions option will save you money. Get more details over here….

Colorful Recycling Containers for Trash

We all generate truck-loads of trash daily. How can we get rid of some of this trash? Why would we care about getting rid of trash? We can dump it somewhere – but that somewhere is where someone lives. Well, we should seriously consider recycling. Here are some recycling tips….

5 Fun Ways to Recycle Old Greeting Cards – Green Enthusiasts

Cereal Box Mailers - Recycle Old Greeting Cards

What can you do with those old greeting cards? Yes, we could trash them, but that’s not eco friendly. Who needs more trash? Here is an idea — why not recycle them!!
Get some insightful tips on how to start recycling your old cards….

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