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Landfill - Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste. It has to go some where and someone has to do something about it. How can you help – and what can you do? Check out this article…

Recycled packaging, Products made from recycled Tetra Pak packages

What is recycled packaging and why would you want to use it? Food packages and cardboards create tons of waste that goes into the landfill. This stuff is non biodegradable and remains for years without decomposing, or rotting or decaying – posing a threat to the environment. Of course, packing is very important because it protects the contents from damage during travel or transportation, so why not choose recycled packaging which does not harm the environment? Yes, why not?

Green Solutions Waste Control

We are now generating waste at an unbelievable rate and the old forms of waste disposal are no longer adequate. Even so, we need to incorporate some green thinking into the way we manage waste. Here are some thoughts on a few easy approaches to waste management with green solutions.

Kids recycling, recycle station

Don’t under estimate the kids. You would be surprised at what they know and what they can do about going green. Your job is to point them in the right direction. Here are some tips….

Eco-Friendly Company

An eco-friendly company’s approach to solving an ecological problem and creating a viable green business in the process. Check it out…

Recycling and going green

Going green is not a short cut. It is a lifestyle practice that requires commitment and carries responsibility. Consider recycling as one such practice.

E-waste recycling, E-waste collection

There is no doubt that we all have an enormous quantity of electronic waste. The question is what can we do about it? Dump it, trash it, or pollute the environment – not terribly health choices. But can we not make some money with this waste? I think we can. Here are my thoughts….

Eco Friendly Packaging For Food

Have you noticed that your packaging bags and containers from the food stores have become more trendy? Are you thinking that this might be more expensive? Well, this might surprise you. Packaging just got jacked See what is happening here.

Shredder - Go Green

Shredding paper is a good first step to recycling and going green. Do you know what shredder you need? Here are some things to think about..

Scrap Metal Can Make Money

Here is a step-by-step guide teaching you how to setup an eco-friendly business scrapping metals. An interesting video……

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