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Artificial Sunlight for Solar Panel

The claim that solar panels drain the sun’s energy is satire, not science. Unfortunately not everyone got that memo. Even now, some folks are still concerned about the “drainage”. But if this were true, what could we do? Read on…

Solar Panels - Green Dental Offices

Does your dentist have a go green dental office? While this might not chase away your fear of needles, you can endure the pain – and the fear – knowing that a green office helps the environment. In this case we are talking about solar panels in the dental office. Read all about it…

Install Solar Panels

Based on all the information I have seen, the demand for solar panels is growing. A good thing if you are producing or selling solar panels but not so much if you are a consumer. Growing demand tends to push up prices and so we must consider how to approach this green technology in our businesses. Our guest author – Zane Schwarzlose – has some tips and suggestions…

Install Solar Panels

Check this out – “In a dusty yard under a blistering August sun, Rover was hard at work, lifting 45-pound solar panels off a stack and installing them, one by one, into a concrete track. A few yards away, Rover’s companion, Spot, moved along a row of panels, washing away months of grit, then squeegeeing them dry” – That was an article in The New York Times, but robots or not, there are some real benefits and savings from installing solar panels. Read on…


One thing is certain. No one wants to be without power when using the cell phone. Plus, with the plethora of energy hungry gadgets we now use – tablets, laptops, MP3 players to name a few, we are always on the look-out for energy saving or energy producing devices. Here is a novel idea – solar power in your pants. Yes, you heard correctly! Read all about it…..

Solar Panels

While alternative energy is not new, the emerging and related technology has created some new “energy language”. We are finding new words and sometimes new meanings for old words in the literature, the discussions and on some blogs. We might even be guilty of that practice here. But no more! Here are some explanations for some of the terms and concepts in current use. Do you have some others to share with us?

Maintaining solar panels, Solar Panels at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Solar panel systems are not difficult to maintain, but believe me, they do need maintenance. Never mind where you live, you must cope with the ravages of the elements – salt water, dust, snow and rain to name a few. As a result you need to clean and maintain your solar equipment. But don’t panic! Here are some ips to help you….

Solar panel installers, Installing the solar panels Gibbs Dairy goes solar…

Check out your ever-growing electric bill! What can can you do to rein it in?, What are the options and who can you call? Start with your solar energy technicians – your solar panel installers, in particular. Why do you need them? See over here for more details..

Solar panels, Bike Traveler With Folding Solar Panel

The go green movement is not without its challenges. In fact, some folks believe that we are nuts – and that’s quite OK. Over time we will undoubtedly see a heightened awareness and greater acceptance. Meanwhile, we have to contend with the law makers who should be setting the framework for moving forward. Here are issues that now sit on the table in some countries…

Solar panel design, Solar on Santa Ana Walmart

Do you want clean and safe energy? Do you want to reduce your reliance on big power companies? Do you want to save money? Then you probably need green energy – solar energy. But you must get some things right first. You must choose a solar panel design that meets your needs and taste….

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