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Solar paint - another solar power innovation

The sun as a source of energy – and renewable energy furthermore – isn’t going anywhere in our lifetimes. Therefore we can ignore it (the sun) or work with it. And working with it will lead us to some increasingly innovative approaches and hopefully solutions. With that in mind, here are some leading edge (at this time) ideas, products and solutions to consider…

Solar - Looking at renewable energy sources

This is scary – “Solar, wind and even natural gas will not be enough to supplant carbon dioxide-producing fossil fuel power sources expected to bring severe global warming problems to the planet by 2035, says a Norwegian doctoral candidate. ” -as stated in an article at: Just when I thought the future would a safe place for the next generation. Maybe there is still hope, and Mark Hallway discusses these options in this article.

Solar power systems, Solar Hot Water

You have a choice! Keep your solar power on the grid or remain entirely independent – off-grid. So long as you are able to generate your own power you can do what you want – well almost. But some folks still have questions and even doubts. I can understand that. Just because I have had decades of solar energy living doesn’t mean that everyone has shared that experience. So don’t take my word for it. Here are some tips from a guru in the renewable energy industry….

Solar Power - pokeberries against green

Think of all the ways you know to produce solar power! Now, stop thinking and check out the article on new, creative and low-cost ways to get even more solar power. Imagine using pokeberries or even cow brain proteins to produce solar power. Read on and share…

Cost of solar energy, 090624-F-203

There is often a lot of talk of renewable energy – especially when oil prices begin to rise – but the fact is people are often concerned about the cost of getting renewable energy – particularly solar energy. The big cost is the initial or upfront outlay and that understandably can deter some folks. But what is the true cost of solar energy? Check out this article for some ideas…

Solar Energy Equipment - Go Green Solutions

So you have now purchased your solar system. But getting the system is the easy part. Now you have to consider installation and servicing – and this can be tricky. You need trained and experienced technicians. This article will help you to organize your planning. Check it out….

Solar Power

Do you think solar power is here to stay? Do you understand the benefits of solar energy? Are worried about the solar energy revolution? Here are some ideas you can ponder or discuss. Tell us what you think..

Pole-Mounted Array - Photovoltaic Glass

Photovoltaic or PV glass is an innovation designed to improve the efficiency of capturing and storing solar energy. The whole idea is to maximize the volume of light or solar energy that can be collected. This renewable source of energy – solar – is now being tapped in very creative ways. Review the full article for more details…

PV Systems

Understanding solar power and the way photovoltaic systems work can be daunting for some people. But I think that the benefits of solar energy are so great – not to mention you can save a ton of money – that we need to make it as simple as possible. I hope I am achieving that goal when you review this article…

Solar powered water heaters, Solar powered hot water heaters in Kunming

More and more people are having to grapple with the rising cost of heating and cooling. This is a good reason to explore alternative sources of energy and power. You save money and you do a little bit to help the environment. Let’s consider solar-powered water heaters – you can get real savings here…..

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