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Energy Consulting, Green Solutions Energy Hog

Looking for a green job? Looking for job and training options that will pay well and be around for a long, long time? Then consider energy consulting. The field is wide and the options are many……

Green Jobs - Green Solutions

With all this talk about going green, have you wondered about the green jobs? Could you prepare yourself now for some of these jobs? Do you know what these jobs are? Do you want to know about training for these jobs? Read on…

Sustainable Food Jobs

What if it were possible to create a financially independent lifestyle with eco friendly, sustainable food practices? What if you could create jobs and employment opportunities providing in-demand food and food related products? Well, it is possible, not always easy, but possible. Check over here…..

Eco Friendly Careers - Eco Decorating

Not only is the green solutions approach to living a hot topic, but the career opportunities that are emerging are unbelievable. Jobs are being created around this “idealistic” call for preservation of our dwindling resources, and you can be part of this growing eco friendly industry. These are only a few tips, but you get the idea…

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