How to choose the best brochure printing company

The trend of online printing has made it possible for all companies to market their services effectively. Be it any big scale corporation or a small company, every company promotes their brand through printed literature. However, the abundance of online printed companies has made it difficult for business owners to decide the best business printing services.

Here is a list of guidelines you can follow for choosing the best brochure printing company. Take a look.

Customer service

  • Choose a printing company that is quick to respond to your queries.
  • The company should be helpful and give advice on all printing matters
  • The company should be easy to contact – when you call the company, the representative should answer it immediately.
  • Choose a company that offers you product template download option. This will save time and help you organize printing layout quickly.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Look for hidden charges not mentioned in the printing quote.

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Printed samples

  • All reputable printing companies offer printed samples of their work. If your chosen company does not provide printed samples, ask for them specifically.
  • Check the quality of work.
  • If your chosen company refuses or hesitates to show sample, do not do business with them.
  • Note: every printing assignment always has some extra copies left with the printing company. Thus, there is no chance for the printing company to deny that they do not have samples currently.

High quality printing

  • Check that the printing company is using modern digital and offset presses. Remember, the kind of presses used will affect the quality of your brochures.
  • You do not have to know about specific details of the presses used. Just ask the names of the presses. Do research about the names of the presses in the internet. You will come to know if they are modern presses or old presses.
  • Inquire if the printing company has proper finishing equipment.
  • Brochures have to be folded. So check if the printing company has proper folding equipment.
  • If you are opting for a bound brochure, then see if the printing company has bindery equipment.


  • Price should be your selection criteria, once the above-mentioned guidelines are met.
  • After, you zero down on few printing companies, compare their prices.
  • Do include shipping costs.
  • Note: saving few dollars will not be worth it if you have to wait 1 month for your order.
  • If you have deadline, choose a printing company that offers fast turnaround with on-time delivery.


  • The printing company you choose should offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.  For this, read the printing company’s guarantee policy.
  • Remember, that even the most reputed printing companies do mistakes at times. However, they offer you compensation through their guarantee policy.

Brochure folding options

How to fold the brochure is one of the most important parts of brochure making. Remember, that apart from high quality brochure printing, you also need to consider proper brochure folding. A good folded brochure will enhance its look and message presentation.

1. Letter-fold

It is the most common and best folding method. It is good for presenting the information step-by-step. It is advisable that you list any attractive offer on top, talk about your features in middle and finally give your contact details at last.

2. Z-fold

If you have big graphs, images and maps, then this is the perfect brochure fold for you. Here, you can use large texts to appeal to the reader. These types of brochures open easily.

3. Half-fold

They are good as small guides, perfect for product comparisons.

Common examples: menus and game events layout.

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