Old Polo Shirts – Renovate , Re-purpose, Recycle

For whatever reason, sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of our old polo shirts. They might have gone out of fashion, or they’re starting to become faded. There are a number of ways you can dispose of old polo shirts. They don’t have to be confined to the old-fashioned methods of giving them away to those less fortunate.

We provide you with some tidbits of inspiration for reusing and disposing of some of your old polo shirts.Old polo shirts

Clothing Options

What was once clothing can be made into different clothing. There are so many options for clothing. You can easily turn them into tank tops for men or women. You can rip them apart and turn them into bow ties, or conventional office ties.

The texture of the polo shirt will limit the options available to you, but you can always turn them into some sort of novelty piece of clothing. Think about a dress made from lots of different polo shirts, for example.

Household Furnishings

Soft furnishings in the home can cost you a lot of money. Switch your creative mind on and you’ll soon discover there are an infinite number of soft furnishings you can replace with a reworked polo shirt.

Some of the ideas people have come up with include:

  • Toilet bags.
  • Cushion covers.
  • Coin purses.
  • Quilts.

Art Class

Local art classes have to spend a lot of money on supplies. Help them out by donating your old polo shirts. They’ll be able to cut them up and use the fabric in their various projects. If there are no local art classes in your area that want to take them, try the schools. Schools also want to reduce the amount of money they spend on fabrics for textile classes. They’d love to take them off your hands as a one-time donation.

Fabric Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t have to mean paying for an expensive diamond ring from a big brand store. Consider making fabric jewelry from old polo shirts. Necklaces and bracelets work particularly well in fabrics.

One option is to create a rainbow effect by using multiple polo shirts and tying strips of knotted fabric together. Tie them off with one big knot at the top and you have a necklace you can tie up. It’s a great way of looking fantastic on a budget.

No Creative Hands

In the event you simply don’t have the time or the skills to make anything from your old polo shirts, give them away to someone who does. You might know a young artist in your area who would love to have the additional fabric to work with.

Local community websites are your first stop for connecting with local people. Place a classified ad online. You can give them away for free or ask for a small fee. It’s up to you.

Whatever you do, do your part for the environment by reusing and recycling, as opposed to throwing them into a hole at the local dump. It’s important to recycle and waste as little as possible. It makes no sense to dump something that can work again and again in a different form.

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