The Things We Do To Destroy The Earth’s Soil

Soils are often overlooked but it is one of the most important resources we have.  Soils grow plants and plants create food and shelter for other organisms.  Without soil it would be hard for life to survive.  Over the years, there has been damage to the soil all over the world.  In some cases, the damage is not able to be fixed.  Some of the damage includes: soil erosion and desertification, salinization and alkalization, impact of intensive agriculture, and urbanization and land contamination.


Soil erosion and desertification is common in warm, dry parts of the world.  This effects a quarter of the world’s land.  About six or seven million acres are damaged every year due to soil erosion.

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Salinization and Alkalization

Salinization and alkalization affects over 20 million acres of land.  This is typically found in warm, dry parts of the world.  Salt travels through the wind from the ocean, through irrigation, and by accumulating in shallow areas.  Once it is in the soil, it is extremely difficult to get rid of and will take many years to accomplish.

Intensive Agriculture

The Impact of intensive agriculture has increased quite a bit over the last several years.  This is because the need to feed a growing population has become a big concern.  Heavily population countries have taken down forests in order to grow crops, raise livestock, and create homes.  Intensive agriculture has led to loss of organic matter, compaction of soil, over-use of fertilizers, contamination of water, and loss of plants and animals.


Soil Damage - A Need For Green Solutions

Urbanization is a leading contributor to soil loss.  The problem with this is because the soil that is lost is permanent.  Heavily populated areas are problematic because of the amount of buildings being developed on top of the soil.

Creating Awareness

Awareness about soil damage has increased after finding out the irreversible damage that has been taking place over the last several decades.  Measures need to be taken to ensure that no more damage is done to the topsoil.  Farmers are re-evaluating the way they grow crops by using less chemicals and letting the soil get the nutrient back by not farming that season or for several years.  Builders are becoming more aware of how to protect the soil while doing construction even though there is still an increasing demand to build homes and buildings.  Contractors are utilizing dragline mats to ensure that heavy equipment and machinery doesn’t tear up the land while driving across the soil.  Past damage will take several years to fix and so will creating the awareness of the problem associated with soil damage.

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