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Do you have to be born with a green thumb to grow the healthy lawn and garden you’ve always wanted? Luckily, the answer is no. With the proper tips and tools, you can develop a green thumb in no time.

Don’t be discouraged because a plant in your care didn’t turn out as healthy as you would have liked it to. Here are some steps to help you take your lawn and/or garden to the next level:

Water Is Essential To Plant Life

It may seem like a simple, no-brainer task to water your lawn. However, improper watering is the number one reason for failure in lawn and garden maintenance. Developing a good watering habit is the first step to take toward having a green thumb.Develop a green thumb

Sometimes our lives get so busy it can be easy to forget to water. It can also be easy to neglect a plant just because it looks like it doesn’t need to be watered. In order to succeed, you must make it a habit to check on your plants daily. It might help to check on the soil as well to make sure the plant’s roots have enough moisture.

If you have potted plants around your lawn, never assume the lawn sprinklers will do an adequate job of watering these plants. Make sure you water them daily and if the temperature is higher than 80 degrees you may need to water these plants once in the morning and once in the evening. The key is to inspect your plants as you water them to make sure they aren’t getting too much or too little water.

Proper Drainage

Now that you know how to properly water your lawn and surrounding plants, it’s important to make sure that water is properly draining away from the plant’s roots. Containers should have drain holes so plants don’t become saturated in water and drown.

Begin With Healthy Plants

The health of your plant is directly correlated to how easy or difficult it will be to maintain. When you’re looking to buy a plant, keep an eye out for these characteristics:

  • Foliage that is green and shiny
  • Foliage and stems that are free from insect damage such as hole in leaves

Buying an unhealthy plant will make maintenance much more difficult than it should be.


Fertilizer provides a lawn or plant with the nutrition it needs to grow and gives it that “wow” factor. Although there are a number of different plant fertilizers to choose from, don’t let that intimidate you. There are water soluble fertilizers that you add to your watering can, slow release granules that you sprinkle on the surface or blend with potting soil, and there are fertilizer stakes that are pressed into the ground.

Simply decide which of these fertilizers is best for you and follow the given instructions. Plants will grow in water alone, but they will look their absolute best if you provide them with the right fertilizer.

Now that I have provided you with the basic building blocks of developing a green thumb, all you need is a willingness to put time and effort into your lawn and garden.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for The Grass Outlet, a turf farm in Austin, Texas. Trisha can’t keep a plant alive to save her life and wanted to learn how to properly take care of one.

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