Go Green Enthusiasts – A Look at Downsizing The Carbon Footprint

No matter how bored you may have become of hearing about carbon this and carbon that, you really need to try and do your bit before it is too late! The carbon footprint issue is something that we are starting to become aware of. As well as reducing your own size 9 at home, you can do even more good work whilst getting through your daily 9-5 in the office. Most modern offices are built around an IT infrastructure that is incredibly useful, but also creates a heck of a lot of energy along the way. Some of the energy that is produced by our IT appliances has been deemed to be excessive. This article takes a look at our friendly office workhorse, the printer, and suggests a few easy ways to turn that size 9 into a more manageable size 5!Downsizing The Carbon Footprint

Why Are Printers Bad For The Environment?

It may seem an innocent enough question, but how much time have you got for the answer? Computer printers can be very energy efficient if we follow some simple best practices, sadly many of us do not. The nature of these appliances means that they are used quite heavily in the office and get through many reams of paper every single day. A lot of this activity is essential, but there are always ways in which we can do that little bit extra for our planet.

Paper Issues

Paper and your carbon footprint

A busy office printer is usually hard at work from the minute we enter the work space until that awesome time when we are allowed to escape. You often see printers that are chugging away with paper stacked up left, right and centre. Much of this paper has been printed in error and will never be used. Sadly, most of it will end up in a normal waste bin destined for landfill disposal. An energy efficient office should always have recycled paper as the default option. This medium may not be as easy on the eye as the perfect white 80gsm stuff, but it is far kinder to our environment. If your office does not have this policy installed, speak to your employer and find out why not?  You should also ensure that your office has the recycled bin set up for all waste paper output. You can easily call a local company that will give you a free bin and even take your recycled paper away every week

Power Issues

Downsizing Your Carbon Footprint

Before you leave your office every day, why not check all of the printers and power them off? You would be shocked to learn how much extra energy is used by leaving these beasts in standby mode. Never leave the office until any busy printer has finished its task, a paper jam can turn into something far more serious, as the emergency services will be able to attest to.

Document This!

A lot of paper waste is due to users not understanding the correct procedures when printing stationary. Educate your colleagues on how to set up their print jobs correctly, and many reams are wasted by irresponsible office workers selecting the wrong options. You should also be 100% about how important your document is before you go ahead and print it.

Educate The Masses

Education - A better way to manage the carbon footprint

If you feel that you are fighting this battle alone, speak to your employer and ask him to set up a workshop that allows your work mates to learn about the nest practices when it comes to printing in an energy efficient way. Education is an excellent tool in the fight to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Josh Hart is provides printing services in Perth. In his opinion, technological advancements should not be made at the cost of the environment and suggests useful measures on his blog regarding the efficient use of technology.

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