Easy Organic Gardening – Tips for Growing Quality Food & Saving Money

We often think that organic gardening is a difficult thing. In fact, a lot of people don’t even know what organic gardening is. Most people accept that there are no chemicals used, but beyond that they have no clue.

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In this presentation, Scott Meyer is giving us some tips and insights into growing our own organic vegetables. Not only can we produce a better quality vegetable, but we also get some exercise, with the resultant physical and therapeutic benefits. More power to organic gardening!


We are also talking about the suggested requirements for a good garden; the space constraints – large areas or small areas; and the tools needed to get started. Scott explains an interesting technique – the lasagna technique – for making an organic garden, using existing lawn or sod. We will explore some approaches and techniques for feeding the plants and managing the inevitable weeds and pests without chemicals. In fact, the issue of fertilization and weed and pest control is probably the biggest challenge to be managed in cultivating natural and sustainable gardens.

Fortunately, we can start our vegetable gardening any time. Spring is usually the popular time for planting but there are many vegetables that are particularly suited for summer or fall cultivation.

Organic Gardening

Come on, let us go and make some eco-friendly gardens that help us to grow quality, healthy food while saving money and contributing to a greener environment. Some where in your yard, you can do organic gardening.

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