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If you’re the type to enjoy a meal of fast-food from time to time (and let’s be honest… who isn’t?), you may have marveled at the amount of waste created from a single meal or wondered just what it was that you ate since you had no part in the creation of the meal. With lifestyle-diseases, obesity, cancers and a number of other health problems on the rise, there is no better time for giving some serious thought to the food that you put in your body on a daily basis and how its quality and production can greatly impact your overall health. Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons to “greenify” your refrigerator and pantry.

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Eating ‘Green’ - Better Health and a Longer Life“Organic” No Longer Means “Incredibly Expensive”

In the past, the largest objection against “green” eating was the massive increase in price that came with buying organic. It was considered reasonable to see prices double or triple for organic fruits and vegetables, with even higher prices the norm for meats. Thankfully, the situation is much better in today’s grocery stores and supermarkets, with giant chains adding lines of organic and wholesome foods and prices coming down as a result.

If you can get the same products you would normally purchase in an organic, additive-free or similar version for around the same price: go for it. You may not see immediate improvements to your health but over time, your body will thank you.

Nothing Beats a Home Cooked Meal

Our busy lifestyles make it both tempting and easy to ignore the bothers of cooking at home – especially when it’s so easy to enjoy the comforts of a restaurant or the speed of a fast food joint. The challenge is that eating healthy in restaurants can be difficult since for the most part the meal’s ingredients can’t be controlled, and with most food outlets buying their supplies based on price there’s a good chance that lower-quality items are being used.

The answer certainly isn’t to avoid all restaurants for the rest of one’s life, but to eat out on less regular occasions and to try to prepare as much food as possible at home. Bringing a lunch to work every day can cut down on an incredible amount of waste while offering you the choice of whatever foods you would like in portion sizes that you can control. Save the restaurants for special occasions and the fast food outlets as a last resort.

Your Body Doesn’t Need Additional Hormones or Chemicals

One of the incredible things about the human body is that we are each our own self-contained ecosystem that requires nothing more than food, water and sunshine to thrive. In order to accomplish this feat, the body contains a delicate balance of hormones, enzymes and chemical messengers required for life. Unfortunately, this balance can be easily thrown off by consuming foods that are tainted with chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, or by eating meats laced with hormones that have been given to livestock to improve their size and growth rates. Removing foods like these from your daily diet can help improve a host of conditions and will generally lead to better overall health.

Changing your entire diet over to one that includes ethically-grown and organic foods which are free from added hormones, chemicals and pesticides can be a challenge, so it’s best to take things one step at a time. On your next trip to the grocery store, consider trying grass-fed meats or aim to purchase half of your fruits and vegetables from the organic section. Add on to these small steps in future trips and soon you’ll be well on your way to greener eating and better health.

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