Eco-Friendly Energy – Greening Your Life


What is “Eco-Friendly Energy”? It is something that encompasses a wide range of energy resources like wind, sunlight, geo-thermal heat and rain. As they are renewable resources and can compensate for fossil fuels, there has been worldwide focus on these energy resources. Many countries have already spent and allocated millions of dollars on tapping these resources as the fuel crisis has reached an alarming level.

Living With Eco-Friendly Energy - Efficiency

In the past, for whatever reasons, man has not been truly environment-friendly, but now awareness has heightened and we all need to be more responsive to Mother Nature. Eco- friendly energy such as solar energy and wind energy is being given much prominence lately. Global warming – and not everyone has agreed on this – and the dwindling natural resources are the result of man’s activities.

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Nature has provided us well with resources to make our lives easier and more convenient. It is unfortunate that we only realized this after considerable damage to the environment has been done.

However, it is not yet too late. There is still room for change in behaviors and lifestyles that we can undertake. Aside from this, one big adjustment we can make includes switching to eco-friendly energy.

Eco-friendly energy refers to the harnessing of abundant natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, and bio-mass to produce electricity. There are many benefits to using this form of energy. In addition to being naturally renewable, electricity produced by wind or sunlight is not accompanied by the release of toxic substances. While you can save money on electrical bills, you can also benefit from state incentives and rebates. In some case you can also sell excess energy produced back to power companies.

Various machines, installations and technologies are available to promote the use of these renewable energy sources.  While they are not all inexpensive, here are some examples:


Eco-Friendly Energy – Solar Power

Eco-Friendly Energy - Solar

Solar Grids – an obvious, large-scale, eco-friendly energy source that we have tended to ignore comes from the sun. There are many advantages to setting up a solar grid in your home quite apart from those mentioned above. The solar cells in the grid require very little maintenance, and have virtually zero running costs. They are very durable, are likely to last a lifetime, and can be used to power almost anything – from lighting fixtures to water heaters. Remote homes or those very far from energy sources can benefit from solar grids installations. These are truly renewable energy sources.

Eco-friendly energy like the solar energy has gained a lot of importance commercially as well as in residential installations. The energy of the sun is harnessed with the solar panels which can be installed on the roof tops. Previously it was something that only the rich could do, but now, it has become common in many homes. In some places, an eco-friendly energy house is certified by the authorities as such and the value of the house increases. The most important thing is that you need not pay huge energy bills at the end of the month. The correct approach and the right tools can convert a house into an “eco friendly energy” one.

Eco-Friendly Energy – Wind Power

Windmills – windmills or wind turbines convert the kinetic energy produced by the wind on moving rotor blades to mechanical energy that is converted to electricity. Wind turbines can be built at home, using materials such as wood, scrap metal, and PVC pipes. Motor parts can be recycled from old vehicles or treadmills, or ordered online. Numerous web sites that advocate the use of renewable energy offer informative articles and guides on how to build your own windmills or solar grids.

Eco-Friendly Energy & The Squirrel

Wind turbines installed in places where there is high wind also help in saving a lot of energy. These turbines are not excessively costly to build, and you only need the help of a professional company to install it. This can be done at reasonable rates in most places. Easy to build and affordable, these alternative energy resources also reduce your energy bill. Windmills and wind turbines harness the raw power of wind and the energy created is used in houses and commercial places. This form of energy does not emit any hazardous waste into the air and is not at all harmful.


Eco-Friendly Energy – Hydro PowerEco-Friendly Energy - Wave Energy

Hydro-power is another eco friendly energy resource. Electricity is generated from water and this practice dates back to the ancient times when water power was used with the help of wheels to turn millstones and other tools. The same concepts are used with some new innovations. The water power turns the turbines that produce electrical energy.

Other Potential Eco-Friendly Energy Sources

Wave power, tidal energy and oceanic thermal energy are some other eco friendly energy sources that hold much potential for the future.

Another eco friendly energy product is the CFL bulb, and this saves the user quite a lot of money. These energy saving bulbs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They last longer than the ordinary incandescent bulbs that have high energy consumption.Eco-Friendly Energy The CFL bulbs are energy efficient, produce very little heat and emits eco friendly white light. This bulb comes in different shapes and power sizes and helps in reducing pollution caused by the electric plants. They are of course a bit more expensive than ordinary bulbs, but the longevity of the bulb and the resultant savings make these a winner.

Switching to eco-friendly energy should not stop you from continually practicing greener habits. The following are additional strategies that should always be observed for a greener, healthier lifestyle:

  • As stated above, replace ordinary bulbs with CFLs and LEDs.
  • Switch to energy efficient appliances, preferably those qualified by Energy Star.
  • Do not leave appliances, especially TV sets, on standby mode. Turn off and unplug them when not in use.
  • Aside from converting solar power to electricity, utilize solar heat in drying clothes instead of regularly using the tumble dryer.
  • Perform regular maintenance check-ups on appliances especially those which consume large amounts of electricity. Replace broken or inefficient household items.

Use eco-friendly energy and green up your life.

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