Need Insulation? – Try Eco Friendly Insulation for Homes

With the escalating cost of power and energy, it has become necessary to insulate homes to save on the energy used, more than ever before. Not only do you want insulation, as a green enthusiast, you also want to consider eco friendly insulation for homes.

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By properly insulating your home you can easily see a reduction in amount and cost of electricity or oil used  for cooling or heating. At the same time, you could consider using materials that are not harmful to the environment. There are many ways you can insulate your home to be eco friendly by adopting some of the the methods below for  eco friendly insulation in homes. These are truly green solutions.

  • The simplest method of insulating the home to be eco friendly is to add the insulation either during the construction period. In some places, this is required by law and building codes.
  • If it is an existing home – one that is already constructed – then we need to add insulation. In this case, each situation will be different, and adding insulation can be tricky and possibly costly. You might have to tear down walls and so on. You need to be guided by professionals in this field and always exercise good judgement when it comes to spending your money.
  • In both the instances above, you can use eco friendly insulation for homes.

But, why insulation?

  • Insulation is basically done to conserve energy and especially in the winter months when temperatures reach freezing levels, warmth in the home is very essential.
  • It also helps to prevent cold air from entering the home in winter
  • But in the summers time it keeps the heat out. This helps the air condition units to function more efficiently and at times you can even do without the air conditioner because the room is maintained nice and cool.
  • Having the home with eco friendly insulation keeps the inside temperatures in that nice comfort zone that most folks like so much. Some of the other benefits of using eco friendly insulation for homes are that the materials are all biodegradable, fire resistant and its water absorption and retention rate is high.

Where Can You Use Go Green Insulation?

  • The roof is probably the most important area where eco friendly insulation for homes is done. This prevents the summer heat and the winter cold from entering your home.
  • Next are the walls and the floors which help to maintain very comfortable temperatures within the home. Using eco friendly insulation for homes makes the insulation energy efficient and this way you can save a bundle on your on your energy bills.
  • Moreover this way you also get to protect the environment and contribute to saving our fast depleting resources.

Green Solutions Insulation Material

Eco Friendly Insulation for Homes - Fleece

  • Some of the materials for eco friendly insulation for homes include Therma-fleece which is made out of sheep’s wool. Fleece is available in abundance in some countries and they can use this as an excellent material for eco friendly insulation in their homes.
  • Fibers taken from newspaper are another eco friendly insulation for homes. Considering that the newspaper is thrown off after use by all the readers, it is possible that there is a huge stock of all around the world.

You most likely have to insulate. Well, why not try eco friendly insulation for homes and see the savings.

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