Going Green?  Get Eco Friendly Jewelry

Jewelry is something that is held with great pride and love especially by women  – who simply love jewelry. Now, here comes eco friendly jewelry and the love affair deepens.  Why? Because  women have today taken a step in the right direction by supporting the go green cause that really offers some green solutions.

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Eco Friendly Jewelry - Green SolutionsThankfully, a number of jewelry makers have innovated different kinds of materials with which they have designed jewelry that is eco friendly. Using recycled metals, glass and other materials a number of jewelry designer have introduced a beautiful range of what is commonly known as eco friendly jewelry. Designs that are both contemporary and traditional have been created to suit all kinds of customers and price constraints. These pieces of jewelry have made a mark in the fashion circuit.

Sea shells, bone, coco, and wood are some of the very common and popular materials for jewelry. Not only do they make beautiful and fashionable eco friendly jewelry, but they are also unique and exclusive as some of the materials are very rare.

Various kinds of accessories and jewelry are available for both men and women and a number of bright and colorful designs for children are now on the market.  Today there are a number of eco friendly jewelry manufacturers who cater to the growing demand for jewelry that generates an awareness for the environment. This growing awareness has also spurred the use of a number of new materials that give rise to a growing clientele for eco friendly jewelry. In recent times, even leaves, flowers and dried plants are all being incorporated in the making of jewelry for nature lovers and green enthusiasts.

This is not a new thing…..

Some of the materials now seen have been used for generations and have come down the ages in this revived craze for eco friendly jewelry. Cotton, recycled metals like stainless steel, glass, and wood are used to make designer jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and accent jewelry like brooches.

Precious materials like pearls and cultured gemstones are also used to make eco friendly jewelry. Flawless and bright these gem stones are like, well, perfect for making jewelry and they do enhance the beauty of every piece. Meticulously crafted, every item of jewelry with perfectly crafted gemstones creates pieces of amazing jewelry.

Eco Friendly Jewelry - Green Enthusiast

What about Diamonds….

I do recognize that one of the most popular gem stones is the diamond, but it is a resource that is mined from the earth. In other words, it is exhaustible. But by making jewelry out of synthetic diamonds you are actually protecting the resource and being a part of the green solutions movement.

Is Gold any better?

Today with the cost of gold skyrocketing like never before, it’s high time people found other materials to make jewelry and use them as their fashion statement. Ever since gold has become increasingly unaffordable, the green revolution has been capturing our imagination. There seems to be a connection between both these happening.  It can also be interpreted as nature’s way of affecting change.

Gold can be substituted by eco friendly jewelry to celebrate different occasions like weddings and engagements and even for gifting purposes.  Yes, we have to get used to this notion and this type of change speeds along ever so slowly.

What really needs to change is our mind set such that we develop an appreciation for eco friendly jewelry as the jewelry of the future. What say you?

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