Eco Friendly Stoves – Should Be Affordable and Pollution Free!

Today with the advancement in science, a number of different types of eco friendly stoves are now available in the marketplace. Wood, which is a natural resource, is replaced by various other materials, thus protecting it from over consumption. Moreover the materials are eco friendly and safe for the environment and readily available. This makes these eco friendly stoves truly going green solutions or affordable choices.

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What is happening now…

One of the most commonly used stove is the LPG gas stoves. The LPG  – liquefied petroleum gas – under high pressure can be very dangerous to people and to the environment. A minor leak is all that is needed to damage the ecological balance and it can also pose serious health hazards for the people using it.

However, most people find the LPG gas stoves very simple to use and easily available. That’s why they prefer to use it. Even so, they are still looking out to adopt environmentally conducive methods to use fuel that is economical and healthy.

Going forward..

A recent innovation is the eco friendly stoves that use pellets to generate fire.

  • A variety of water materials are use to make these pellets to make the pellet stove environmentally friendly.
  •  Low maintenance, easy installation and no chimney are some of the exclusive features of the pellet eco friendly stoves.
  • Since they burn without emitting smoke the pellet fireplace is a top choice for most and has become very popular.
  •  The process of using it is also very simple. All you need to do is to load the auger and the stove is ready for use.
  • Unfortunately pellets also have their problems. It may not be allowed in mobile or modular type homes.
  • Also it can be quite unaffordable as it works on electricity  – in addition to the pellets you need to purchase.
  • So it is wise to consider its affordability before you install it in your kitchen.

Another choice for eco friendly stoves is the use of wood as a fuel resource.

  • Being renewable it is a very good option.
  • No electricity is required and all you need is the wood – which at times may be difficult to get.
  • But if you have a good supply of wood or access to a good supply, the  wood eco friendly stoves can be a very good choice.
  • One of the greatest disadvantages of the wood burning fireplace is that it is extremely messy and it emits a lot of smoke.
  •  The smoke can be a very irritating to people who are sensitive to smell, and of course other health issues.
  • Another disadvantage is that the temperature of the kitchen could be high as long as the fireplace burns.

Another creative innovation to introduce eco friendly stoves is the “Oorja Stove”.

  • Invented by students of engineering, the “oorja stove” is fueled by agricultural waste.  Oorja - Eco Friendly Stoves
  • It is a boon to farmers who have an abundance of agricultural waste at their disposal and can use this  – making it very affordable for them.
  • Moreover being smokeless it is one of the most eco friendly stoves.
  • From the agricultural wastes pellets are compressed and used for generating fire by a process of gas production in the eco friendly stoves.
  • Since no kerosene, wood or any other resources are necessary, using the “oorja stove” is a most efficient way of saving the rapidly depleting resources in the environment.

There are no silver bullets for eco friendly stoves. There are no quick fixes.

What we do have is a determination to find and use go green solutions that promote green living, reducing costs and providing green opportunities for income generation and sustainability. Maybe there is a solution with eco friendly stoves.

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