Go Green With Eco Friendly Washing Up Liquid Soaps

Why do you need eco friendly washing up liquid? Consider that dishwashers and washing machines are now widely used because homemakers don’t have as much time to spend on household tasks as they did previously. Plus, these appliances also use a lot of energy, water and detergents that are made with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment as well the health of the person using them.

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These common appliances  – include dishwashers and washing machines – have become almost mandatory in households, and so the green enthusiast must consider using eco friendly washing up liquid soap and bar soap. Eco Friendly Washing Up Liquid

The use of dishwashers has become quite common today and because of the simplicity and convenience in getting the dishes done, many households have had them installed. But not everyone is aware that the dishwasher uses soap that may not be eco friendly and could in fact be harmful.

One possible solution id to use eco friendly washing up liquid that can help in protecting your health and the environment.

Your own Homemade Soap

Using homemade soap is an excellent way to maintain a go green atmosphere at home and the eco friendly washing up liquid soap can be made at home.

Home made soap is made out of lye which is the main ingredient and various types of oils, fats and different perfumes are added to give an array of fragrances. The process involved in making the home made soap is very simple and any one with a little knowledge of soap making can do it. This contributes to the protection of the environment to a great extent being eco friendly washing up liquids soaps and detergents.

Welcome the Soap Nut tree

Another option for the soaps and detergents is the use of the soap nut. This is not only available freely around us as it grows on trees, you can also farm it at your own home to fulfill all your needs for soaps and washing up liquids. The soap nut is a great substitute for detergents and soaps and is one of the best eco friendly washing up liquid available. The soap nut can also be used as a shampoo and it is supposed to be healthier for the hair than using shampoos made out of chemicals. Eco friendly washing up liquid

There are many ways you can make use of the soap nuts in and around the home. The waste water from your washing machine – in which the soap nut based eco friendly washing up liquid is used – can be utilized to water your gardens. Using water with soap nut in it is good because soap nut has insecticide properties and this water can be a great way to prevent insects in the garden. This way you are not only using eco friendly washing up liquids but also using eco friendly insecticides. Soap nuts are a perfect alternative to detergents and soaps as they are completely organic and free of chemicals making it one of the best eco friendly washing up liquids soaps and detergents.

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