Energy Consulting – A Green Career For Green Enthusiasts

Why energy consulting? Energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness are buzzwords in today’s modern industry and the need to use renewable energy sources –  make production more efficient and reduce carbon footprint – is more important than it has ever been.

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Thanks to this, environmental consultancy is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries and professional environmental consultants are in high demand. If you have an interest in the environment and are looking for a great career,  then environmental consultancy could be right for you.


But what  does the job entail and how can you become an environmental consultant? Read on:

Energy Consultants or Energy Consulting

Energy consultants provide advice to companies, individuals and even entire governments as to how energy consumption can be reduced and how renewable energy sources can be implemented to reduce the costs of using power. With energy consulting we have win-win options, plus we help to green the environment.

An energy consultant can look into a business , assess practices and look for areas where energy usage can be reduced or controlled – for example by using more efficient machinery.

Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants can cover a wider spectrum which can include energy consumption, waste reduction, resource management and environmental impact. Environmental consultants can also look at ways that landscapes can be returned to their natural state after they have been used for industrial practices like mining.

In addition environmental consultants can look at all aspects of production within factories and find ways to improve efficiency so less energy is needed in the production process.

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Waste Consultants

A waste consultant will look specifically at the waste that a company produces and find ways to reduce it. For example, by minimising the amount of packaging used to wrap a product or finding ways to recycle more of the waste that is produced. Remember the green solutions three-man team – reduce, reuse and recycle.

In some cases the waste that a company generates may be sold for a profit. Some recycling companies will buy bulk cardboard as long as it is packaged correctly, whilst others will buy old electronic machinery in order to recycle precious metals from within the machinery.

How do I become an Environmental Consultant?

If you want a career in the environment then a good path you can take is to choose an environment related degree such as Conservation and Environment, Environmental Studies, Conservation or Ecology. This type of a degree provides a good grounding for a career in environmental consultancy but will also stand you in good stead for other environment related jobs. Actually, this a an excellent green solutions career option. If you are positive about the path you want to take it’s possible to take a degree in Energy Consulting.

Jade is our guest blogger for today delivering the latest green career options.

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