Eco-Friendly Window Treatments – Stylish and Green

Why environment friendly window treatments? Well, undressed windows appear stark and naked of personality. Transform your space into whatever you fancy. Be aware too that dressing your windows with nice curtains, elegant drapes, or maybe modern shades is not just about adding style or oomph to your space. It’s also about privacy, as well as energy efficiency.


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Having apt drapery provides you privacy, especially at night when the interior of your home becomes even more noticeable from outside. As for energy efficiency, the right curtains can encourage ventilation or keep out extreme heat or chilly drafts; thus, you’re able to regulate interior temperatures better.

If you’re hesitant because you feel that your budget won’t be enough to buy what you like, don’t be. There are actually so many affordable yet stylish options to choose from. The market offers a colorful, smart, and tasteful smorgasbord of window treatment types and designs, and many manufacturers also offer eco-friendly choices for those who are practicing a greener lifestyle.

What Is an Eco-friendly Product?

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Because of people’s growing concern for the environment, many are now turning to natural products and environmentally sound ways. This is what’s usually called as being “green.” There are several characteristics that make a product eco-friendly. For instance, the product must be manufactured in a safe facility that discards waste in a manner that’s not detrimental to the environment. The manufacturing plant or facility could also be made from recycled materials, like usEvironment friendly window treatments, Family Room Aftered wood or steel, or it could run on solar energy or other renewable energy resource instead of fuel or electricity. For agricultural products, including raw materials like cotton or wood, these should also come from sustainable sources; and there should be no or very little damaging pesticides or chemicals used in growing such materials. All in all, an eco-friendly product is one that was created using methods with no to very little harmful impact on the Earth and its resources.

Green Yet Stylish Options

Going for green window treatments doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and quality. A lot of companies these days offer fabulous items that will suit any home or office. Many also wonder if eco-friendly products are more costly. Well, like most commercial products, price will depend on many factors, including brand, quality, demand, and supply. Generally speaking, the cost of an eco-friendly item is competitive with others in the same category; some are even more affordable than their contemporaries.

If you want green window treatments, purchase from certified manufacturers, like those that possess GreenGuard Certification or those who work with other reputable eco-friendly groups. Here are some examples of green products that you should consider.

Polyester Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from different materials. Among the most eco-friendly types out there are the polyester Roman shades. Those made from 100% polyester are very environmentally sound because polyester can be recycled in different ways.

Blinds MadEnvironment Friendly Window Treatment - Roman shades in Breakfast Areae from Post-Industrial Recycled Materials

Some companies salvage used industrial materials and turn these into remarkable blinds. PVC louvers or the frame that holds the slats together usually come from used industrial materials. So, check what options are out there, and products that contain recycled matters are surely more eco-friendly.

Woven Wood Shades

Various types of woven wood shades use sustainable resources, such as bamboo, reed, hemp, and other strong grasses that are easy to grow. What’s attractive about woven shades is that you’ll get items with various designs or weaves, and these exist in many colors too.

Claire Willows writes for Stoneside, which makes commercial shades in Albany. The company offers many choices when it comes to blinds and shades. Stoneside also customizes window treatments for home and business establishment owners.


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