Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products for Clean Health and Safe Environment

We all use cleaning products to clean the dirt, grime and stains in our homes, without being aware that some of the conventional products are not only harmful for our health, but to the environment as well. Even though environmentally friendly cleaning products are recommended as a safer option, there are many people who still use conventional cleaning products -never mind the dangers. But it is time you understood about the harmful chemicals used in these cleaning products, and the ease with which you can switch to green cleaning methods – using some of the widely available and reasonably priced environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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These products contain eco-friendly ingredients and most of of them are manufactured under environmentally friendly processes. This is what I call the green solutions approach.

What You Don’t Know Will Harm You..

We use cleaning products to remove dirt and stains from the tiles, counter-tops, ovens, glass, windows, carpets etc, so let us look at how these conventional cleaning products can undermine your health.

Some of these cleaning products contain chemicals like volatile organic compounds, phosphates and carcinogens. and if all these bad boys did was to irritate your eyes and skin, that would be bad enough. But, wait, there’s more…..

These chemicals can cause or contribute to the effects of cancer, asthma, pulmonary diseases, respiratory problems, neurological disorders and kidney failures. Chemicals that clean your home can kill you.

But life is not just about you…..

Apart from ruining your health, the chemicals present in these cleaning products pollute underground water supplies, river and streams. Besides, during the manufacturing and production process of these cleaning products, toxic substances are released – affecting the environment. The chemical substances in the environment cause ozone depletion, acid rain, smog and water contamination. The chemicals increase the amount of green house gases, thereby increasing the temperature of the earth’s surface – at least that’s what the data is now suggesting.

Every problem needs – some say has – a solution. In this case, we welcome environmentally friendly cleaning products – to reduce the use of toxin and volatile organic compound in the environment, to be healthy and create a clean environment. Eco friendly tips for the green enthusiast!

Baking Soda - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning ProductsCan we solve all of the environmental problems with green cleaning products?

I think not, we have to start working with what we have, and we have environmentally friendly cleaning products. See here..

This army of earth friendly cleaning products contain natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients –  free from volatile organic compounds or substances like bleach and phosphate, and they don’t cause any harm to your health or to mother nature.

Plant based ingredients like pine oil, sassafras, citrus oil, etc are used to make these organic cleaning products which are safe for you and the eco-system.

But wait – before you rush out and buy green products here are some tips…

You must first read the label on products. Let me put that another way: read the the label first.

Don’t let them “fool ya”. Beware that just because the labels say”natural” does not make it eco-friendly because the products might still contain chemicals.

Make sure that the products are eco-friendly certified.Lemons Are Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

You don’t always have to spend money buying environmentally friendly cleaning products because you can often use eco-friendly home products for your cleaning.

Consider vinegar – One of the best eco-friendly products which can be used for a number of purposes like laundry use, remove deposits from tiles, for dish washing and so on. Vinegar softens your clothes and removes odor from them. Of course you don’t need to use your best apple cider vinegar for this – but more on apple cider vinegar in a later post.

Another very safe, effective and eco-friendly product is baking soda. It is a “must have” product in every home. Apart from using  it to clean refrigerators and removing odors, it can used to clean baths and sinks in the bathroom, as a carpet deodorizer, to remove perspiration stains from the shirts and tops, getting rid of insects, and the list goes on.

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is very effective for cleaning drains.

Changing over to environmentally friendly cleaning products is a great step towards a non-toxic, chemical-free and healthy environment and you can be happy that you made your contribution. Plus, you will save some money. I rather like that – don’t you?

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