Get On The Greening Edge: Your Business Needs Environmentally Friendly Products

With the globalisation of our planet comes increased communications, this enables news reports to be constantly streamed through new methods of media and for us all to be witnesses to the increasing barrage of articles, articles often surrounding the negative effects our businesses and economies are instilling on environments worldwide. From the inhumane working conditions and child labour in foreign factories, the air miles accumulated by the food on our table and the devastating impact pesticides and chemicals are having on our environment. We can as consumers no longer ignore these actions but we can help to make a start and make a difference.

Customer Awareness

Organisations must therefore be aware of the change in this customer awareness and need to appreciate that continuing to have affiliations with negative environmental activities may render their operations unsustainable in the long term.

In today’s economically challenging environment many customers are no longer opting for the cheapest supplier of goods or services. Customers are now happy to pay more for products or services from an organisation if they are Eco friendly or their policies and strategies ensure their actions are sustainable without leaving a negative footprint on the environment. Customers today are more inclined to consider a company’s reputation or ethos against price and discounts than they were ten years ago.Environmentally Friendly Products


So when considering long terms plans and their ability to move forward businesses (regardless of size) must begin to review their organisational wide policies. This includes every operational aspect from purchasing to supplying services and every business must work hard to ensure any affiliations to negative activities are removed. As every business faces the challenge of acting in the best interests of the environment it has become almost imperative to be focused on using products which are recyclable, sustainable and quite often sourced locally.

Things To Consider

This can mean the range of issues a company has to address is widespread, including considering the use of recyclable product packaging to purchasing eco friendly detergents used in cleaning. On a larger scale the air miles used in sourcing products, waste disposal and the amount and type of energy a company uses in manufacturing should also be considered. Can your company produce its own electricity in order to be sustainable?

We may have also reached a point where companies repairing not replacing items will be given credit as this slowly creeps up the list of environmental must do’s, this is occurring as  we begin to take notice of how our throwaway society has harmed our environments over the last few decades.

The Payback

Even the payback an organisation gives to its local social and cultural environment must be an activity all business engage in. Local communities and schools to working together with businesses to improve their locality should be part of any organisations environment strategies.

It is clear that as we progress any forward thinking company needs to address environment issues to help safeguard their future.

Vivienne Ollis – Blogger for companies such as kemtron

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