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At a time when a lot of people are concerned with tightening their belts, spending money on keeping your garden looking pretty may seem like a bit of a luxury expense. However, an unkempt garden can bring down the look and feel of your whole home, leaving you feeling stressed out and down, and in actual fact, with some effort you can make your garden save you money! Here are some tips to help you save on garden maintenance and choose crops that can be eaten and save you a lot of money at the supermarket checkout.

Grow Good Value Plants

Organic Gardening Tips

Some plants are better value to grow than others. Because you have to invest in seeds or bulbs and spend time and effort cultivating any vegetables, plants or herbs you grow, it is important to choose ones that offer a high yield, for example perpetual spinach, or most kinds of green and runner beans, or those which cost a lot of money to buy in the shops, for example chillies, bell peppers, and unusual things like heirloom tomatoes or gourmet potato strains. It is also, of course, important to grow things you can easily use up. You may be able to find a use for salad green, potatoes or peppers every day in salads and side dishes, however other things like aubergines and courgettes aren’t so versatile, so you may not be able to use up all of your crops before they go to waste. By choosing the right plants, you can have free food from your garden all year round at a consistent yield, without letting food get wasted.


Gardening Tips - Composting

Have a compost heap where you throw any biodegradable waste from your home. This will not only help with cleaning up after preparing food and eating meals (because what else would you be doing with those onion skins and potato peelings?), but also gives you a free source of good quality compost to use with your plants. Composting is an excellent go green solutions idea and a great gardening tip.

Look For Second Hand Gardening Tools

Tools & equipment - gardening tips

Gardening equipment and tools can seriously add up in price, however you can save a lot of money by looking for ways to buy things second hand. Things like flower pots, trowels and spades can often be picked up in yard sales or other informal sales, and if you want something more serious like second hand ride on mowers, strimmers, chainsaws and other gear, there are online retailers that specialise in these, as well as of course auction sites like eBay that you can use. By going for second hand equipment and tools, you can save a huge amount of money and still be able to have the right things you need to keep your lawn and plant beds in perfect condition all year round.

If you save money where you can by looking for good deals and used items, create your own compost, and use your garden to produce food that you would ordinarily buy at a high yield, you should find that your garden either pays for itself or actually saves you money, while also giving you a great looking outdoor space to enjoy!

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This post has been contributed by Ivan Thorn, a marketing professional working for T-Quip, a company dealing in used lawn mowers in Australia. He always has a professional approach towards his work and he enjoys spending time with his children when he gets free.

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