Convert Your Vehicle To An Electric Car

Have a gas guzzler? You can go green by converting your vehicle into an electric car. There are different methods to do this and the video below shows us one of them.

Generally the parts or items you need are readily available and you just need to follow the your instructions closely.

Will This Go Green Technique Work For Your Car?

We can convert almost any car into an electric car, but some cars or vehicles are easier to work with than others. In short, you will do much better if you have the “right” vehicle.

Some of the best authorities suggest that the preferred vehicles for this go green conversion would be light and sturdy; and this tends to lead us to small car and trucks – these are likely to be light and strong.

Will My Electric Car Look Different?

No, it will not. This conversion process will simply modify the engine – in fact, the process involves changing the engine. Nothing is done to the appearance of the car. Nothing is done to the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. What was, will continue to be – except the engine.

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What You Need

You need to get:

  • A large motor capable of providing the power you need in the converted car. This can be a DC motor or an AC motor. The DC motor is generally preferred and recommended by knowledgeable mechanics, since it’s much less expensive than its AC counterpart, and easier to install. The bigger the motor – the more power in your new car.
  • Batteries for storing the power in your electric car. Most folks use deep cycle batteries. These are very much like the familiar lead acid batteries used in cars, they are designed to be frequently discharged – as will happen when the vehicle is in active use. Lead acid batteries are not designed for this type of frequent discharge.
  • A battery charger and related accessories such as a controller, an adapter kit and other small parts. These parts and accessories are easily available and tend be inexpensive.
  • A detailed set of instructions to complete the installation.

You can source or locate just about everything you need at your local supply store, or, you can order them online. The most expensive item will be the motor – you can get it new or used. You need a lot of batteries – as many as 20 – since you need to store enough power to facilitate your daily commute of say 120-150 miles per day. These too are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

How Fast Will It Go?

We are all concerned with speed. We certainly don’t want pedestrians and cyclists to be overtaking us.

Have no fear. Even though some uninformed people think otherwise, the fact is an electric car can perform like any other on the road.  It can accelerate easily and smoothly, and can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Now You Can Go Green

Electric Car Conversion - Go GreenGet your parts together, get clear detailed instructions, and you are good to go. Follow the guidelines and complete your  electric car conversion. Be patient, stay focused on the project and you will easily finish this go green electric car conversion. Enjoy your green ride.

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