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What’s to enjoy about sitting in traffic for minutes, even hours on a daily basis on your journey both to and from work?  It’s almost certain to raise your stress levels before you have even started your day in the morning!  And I don’t even need to mention the increasing price of petrol – you’re already a little annoyed. But there is something you can do about it – tips to to help you get to work cheaper and greener. Here are some money saving ideas for going green and doing it cheaper.

Here are 5 ways to get to work cheaper and greener:

1. Cycle

This does require that you live within a realistic distance from work to be able to pull it off.  But if you live within a reasonable distance, you should really consider the option of cycling to work.  Sure, if you live close enough to work there’s probably no stress in driving in and out each day.  But there are plenty of advantages in choosing to ditch your car for a bike.  For one, you’ll be helping to save the environment.  And secondly, you’ll be getting a daily dose of exercise to help you stay fit and healthy.  So burn those calories, keep fit and shed some pounds by choosing to cycle into work!

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Going green, Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike 0206201018289—roland (Flickr.com)

2. Motorbike

A big advantage that a motorbike gives you over a car is that they’re a lot lighter.  This means you can ride the same distance on a motorbike as you do in your car, but you’ll be doing it on a lot less fuel.  That means you’ll be reducing carbon emissions – a green solutions outcome.  On top of that, riding a motorbike means you can ride in between lanes, allowing you to cut down on even more petrol by getting to and from work quicker, compared to using a car.

3. Car-sharing

If your journey is too far to make cycling an option for you, and a motorbike doesn’t interest you, check out if you have any colleagues who are also warm to the idea of car-sharing – some call it car pooling.  This option means you can split the effort and the petrol costs when travelling to and from work.  So instead of two drivers using two different cars with separate petrol tanks, halve the expenditure by taking it in turns to drive each other to and from work.  The more colleagues you can encourage between home and work – the greater the opportunities to save more money and effort by sharing the driving duties.

4. Alternate-fuel vehicles

Whilst electric cars have not taken off big time yet, there are still alternate options to using your regular gasoline car.  One of those is purchasing a cleaner-burning diesel car.  There are more and more options out there these days for people who want to save the environment as much as they would like to save money on petrol.

5. Public transport

Public transport is another way you save on your daily travel money.  There are lots of train and bus services up and down the country, and in some places, even a public tram.  One big benefit of using public transport is that it means you’re putting the driving in someone else’s hands.  That way you’re cutting down your stress  and also giving yourself the opportunity to read the day’s newspaper or even a book. Another green solutions outcome from going green

These green travelling tips were provided by Barrie who works for iCarhireinsurance.com – providing car hire insurance that protects you against car rental excess charges.

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