Consider Going Green – Saving Money With Energy Savers

As the going green movement gathers momentum, we are provided with greater choices for using alternative energy and conservation. Not only are they more options but there are also more possibilities for using the existing resources more efficiently.



Of course,  alternative energy sources will include solar power, wind power and hydro power but this video looks at and compares the visual output of 3 different types of lighting or bulbs. This is a practical, no-nonsense overview of these featured bulbs. We are considering (a) traditional or the better known incandescent bulb, (b) the compact florescent bulb, commonly referred to as the CFL or twirly bulb, and (c) the LED light.

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The fact is these green bulbs are getting better and better. You can have warm, natural lighting – or any color for matter – in a variety of designs to enhance any decor. Yes, they can be a bit inexpensive or pricey, but that too is changing. Be on the look out for better prices and improved quality. That’s going green solutions at their best. Additionally, some of these eco friendly bulbs are estimated to over 20 years – all  for an initial investment of say fifty dollars.


In this presentation, we use the traditional electricity source, but these  devices will function equally well with alternative power sources.Going Green - Compact Fluorescent Bulbs


There is no doubt that you can get substantial savings by migrating to the more eco-friendly type of bulbs, and this therefore becomes a win, win. You win and the environment wins.

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