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 The environmentalists, world over are getting hoarse shouting “Save our earth – We are going green” and if everyone puts in their bit we just might do it. But, this must be worth it to us. With opportunities galore in the Going Green and Making Money area, considering any or more of the following is worth a shot.

Going Green

Making Money – Why Not?

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Let us consider some options to make some money even as we help other who are going green.

  • Growing and selling organic fruits and vegetables. I want to be the first to say that this is not suited for everybody, but those who fit the bill will find a hungry market for organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Indeed, you would want to avoid any herbs or barks or flowers that are not organic. Check out your health food stores and even some traditional grocery stores and you will see an increasingly wide range of organic fruits and produce. As a start you can focus on your local stores. I am quite sure that you will be surprised at the potential that exists for going green and making money.


  • Recycling waste. Again this is not for everybody but those who are so inclined will find no shortage of opportunities here. Sometime in the future, I intend to post a comprehensive action guideline for anyone who wants to pursue this type of opportunity. Mind you, recycling is more than just managing soda cans. Going green and making money includes tires, plastics, paper, wood and packaging material just to name a few. I suppose a big challenge here would be getting organized, getting the start-up pieces together. As I promised earlier, I will post some “help me do it” information at a later time.

Now a dollar saved is a dollar earned, so how can we save some money?

Saving Money – Just as Good

  • Going Green and Making Money has opened so many doors to those who really want to save our Earth and get personal benefits too! One of the best and easiest ways is to grow your own vegetables and fruits reusing your vegetable peels and the bio-degradable waste which you normally throw away in the trash cans. You will not only get the satisfaction of having grown your own vegetables, but also save some cash by Going Green and Making Money at the same time. Additionally, create some profit by growing extra vegetables and fruits and selling the surplus. This makes you feel good by Going Green and Making Money in the process.
  • You can save on your electricity bills by going in for solar or wind energy. You can reduce your electricity consumption by switching on very few lights and fans and reducing the thermostat on your heaters and air conditioners. Invest in power saving bulbs where for example a 60-watt bulb will use only 13 watts and go in for power-saving gadgets which have flooded the markets. You have thus not only conserved energy by Going Green and Making Money, you have make a contribution to saving our Earth!


  • You can again do your bit to reduce the air pollution that cars produce by joining a car pool with your friends and colleagues Use the public transport instead of taking out your own car and adding to the carbon emissions. In the bargain, saving up on fuel! Walking or cycling down to your workplace is again a perfect idea for Going Green and Making Money as this provides exercise for the body at no extra cost. Moreover, it saves you the time and money you would otherwise need to spend for visiting the gym.


  • One of the latest ways for Going Green And Making Money is the money one can make by recycling milk jugs, soda cans, recycle waste paper, glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans, you not only are Going Green and Making Money but you are saving Mother Earth from a lot of trash which will take years to disintegrate back to the soil.


  • Building green homes really takes us forward in our mission to Going Green and Making Money as homes are built with convenience and comfort in mind. We have to think of low-maintenance plans such as weather proof exteriors, interiors that need no or less frequent painting, gadgets such as solar heaters, water closets and showers which reduce wastage energy etc. Thus with a little compromise and cooperation we can save our Nature’s bounty by Going Green and Making Money plans that include water-conserving and energy-efficient homes.


In summary, we can go green and save money by:

Thus with a little compromise and cooperation we can save our Nature’s bounty  by Going Green and Making Money – plans that include water-conserving and energy-efficient homes.

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