Going Green? Is This A Scam?

As individuals, we all have surely heard about the green initiative and the steps towards putting this into practice through our businesses and our daily lifestyles. However, with an ever-increasing Going Green awareness campaign being spread far and wide, it is time one does a reality check on how many of these so-called green initiatives are genuine and how many are fraudulent.

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The role of a marketer in any field or product range focuses almost solely on identifying opportunities and then converting these into genuine sales deals.   A regular feature being seen very often these days is that of promotional advertisements and claims by manufacturers of having incorporated going green conservation practices and techniques into their products or merchandise.


Are we really going green?

How far this is true is debatable. Whether its a refrigerator, an air-conditioner, or any other electronic device the inclusion of Going Green and highlighting this characteristic in the product is touted as being the best thing since sliced bread. The fact is, we are not always sure if this is fact, fiction or merely a gimmick on the part of marketing professionals to promote the products.

The same things applies to organic and so called organic foods and purchases, but I will have a bit to say about that in another article.


Don’t let them fool ya!

  • As always, I advocate using good judgement and paying due attention to your financial and budgetary constraints.
  •  Becoming educated and remaining aware of the range of eco-friendly products and merchandise is one good way to keep away from going green scams – or any other scam for that matter.
  • Some of the products in fact are marked up with ridiculously high prices simply because of the going green tag stamped on them.


Cherry Pick – There Are Some Good One Out There Going Green - Natural Foods

This however does not imply that all green products or items be branded as scam. There are lots of authentic and highly-effective products and items which have incorporated the concept of Going Green and as a result the price quoted might  even be higher by a couple of dollars.


Some Going Green Benefits

By including the Going Green concept into a particular product range or merchandise the consumer can definitely benefit.

  • Generally, there are no added chemicals or additives that could cause harm for consumers; or any chemicals are greatly reduced.
  • Being an eco-friendly item any residual if any will hardly be damaging to Mother Nature and thus creates no negative impact on global warming. Going Green Benefits
  • Household products, clothes, recycled stuff etc. are just a few examples where the authenticity or genuineness of Going Green may be seen. But at the same time it is very important to check for the fine print given in product descriptions that claim to have the green concept.


Going Green Initiatives

Initiatives taken in trying to save the planet by the reduction of carbon emissions and Going Green have reached the Internet as well. Consumer products and other items are being marketed fervently through the Internet as Going Green initiatives, and many people do reap noticeable benefits through these by limiting the use of paper.

However finding a good green internet business idea and sticking to the Go Green decision is imperative if the business is to flourish. A good idea would be to browse through websites that offer ideas and provide software systems on generating business through the Internet along with the incorporation of Going Green ideas. Such systems may be used even if one is a novice at internet marketing.

Using tried and proven strategies and by managed step-by-step growth, your going green endeavors are not only worth pursuing, but in all likelihood will contribute to a greener planet.

We are going green.

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